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Found 4 results

  1. So what if right you could introduce a new element into the game, an element that would include its own set of cards and its own abilities, advantages and disadvantages. It doesn't even have to be an element since we have card sets like Undead etc so could be a class set of cards. I think a Light element/faction would be a cool addition to the game, the element would be similar to Nature and frost in terms of ability and use of units. I imagine the use of paladins and centurion/sentinel type of cards/characters that would be used. It would also be a nice little opposite to Shadow (Story wise i guess as well as card wise). What Faction/Element would you introduce into the game if another faction was added, what would its benefits be over the other factions and why did you choose the faction that you did?
  2. Cherrieee

    Faction Discussion

    Hey guys! Cherrieee here, I remember years ago when I used to play BF, and god damn I love it. So about the factions, my favourites were Nature/Shadow decks. Granted I didn't have the greatest cards, but I did actually win PVE a lot, bare in mind I was a little kid back then. ANYWAY, what are your guys' favourite factions and ones that you will use in the UPCOMING BETA COMING JANUARY 2018!
  3. Dallarian

    More factions!

    Dear Devs/Mods/Admins/ You can't stop that you started! There are more and more ideas for new factions to BF like air elementals, frost/fire, sanders and many more. Community probably won't stop image more races, spells, units, ideas. Why we shouldn't give them a chance for live? I know you are busy, working/studing, and also have BFR to finish. But when the game will be ready you could do something that exist in Starcraft 2. BF Map Editor probably don't contain this options, but in SC2's you can use your own graphic models, create own skills, new units and use custom music/sounds. Starcraft 2 also have arcade room where everyone can public his own map, and community can play it. Becouse of this option, community created big games, like new RPG with over 20-30 hours of story, pvp, guilds, raids and things like that (RPG in RTS!). Power of community is great and OP. Could you give to Battleforge editor ( when the game will be ready ) option to use custom textures, sounds and more, and also create something for custom maps? It could give way to make ideas real, and maybe in future BFR will get a new expansion? If agree, you could create new section for BFR ideas where ppl could improve ideas, and then create a new faction to game. What you think about that? Sorry for bad english, thanks if you have read that to the end.
  4. 7ucker

    Choice of Starter Deck

    This has probably already been discussed in another post but I couldn't find anything quite the same. Instead of the original starter deck with a mixture of each faction, I'd like to see an option to choose 1 colour and get cards only from that deck. This way you could start with a pure fire deck and later in the game you may decide to spend BFP on cards which were otherwise worthless. I would add a 4th orb frost card (battleship would make sense), a couple of 1st orb fire units (sunstriders and thugs?) and a 4th orb shadow card (death ray). I'd like people's opinions on balancing and other issues with this idea but I think it would help when starting the game without any currency.

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