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Found 4 results

  1. Tiger88

    I drew the Harvester 6 years ago

    It's fitting that this be my first post on these forums, since these drawings are how i discovered that this community still existed. I was cleaning out my desk as i am preparing for college and i found these drawings i did in 8th grade, i got really nostalgic and started googling Battleforge things and found out about this amazing project. I did these with a pen and some highlighter in classes, nothing special but i hope you guys enjoy them.
  2. Tobbezeichnet

    can be deleted

    Hey Guys, today I'm here do present my idea of a new card layout... I wasn't happy with the old look of the cards. I know I'm used to it as the most of us are but its way to oldschool. I mean think about it, it's like 10 years old So I did a more new fession kinda look/design...mostly based on my own logo creation, the creation of the winner and the current logo. So what I did was a whole card overhauling. Basically from scratch. The only things I kept are pretty much the little icon for the abilities...since I kinda still like them...no matter that I NEVER EVER looked at them specifically since this task Already thinking about something that either gives more information about the ability or leave them out completely. All opinions are welcome...as well as suggestions. So hope you guys like it. 1st (old one) 2nd (new one) 3rd (with improvements and suggestions) 4th (3rd orb visible neutral and border rarety turquoise) Ah btw for now I used the old design of the Enforcer, but I will do a rework of his artwork too the next days
  3. Hello everyone My name Lukaznid, and I like drawing ✍. I've really gotten into drawing fanart for Battleforge since there was a competition for beta spots. I've decided to continue drawing them out of pure interest, mostly as a hobby. Do note that I am still a beginner and am still learning how to draw Anyhow I've posted updates for drawing into the chat, but I've decided on something a bit more permanent so that's why I'm opening this thread, to post my finished products and updates on how they're coming along here. Always happy to hear comments and/or critiques (especially those, you learn the most from them). Anyhow these are my creations thus far (being updated): DRAWINGS: - The forest elder http://imgur.com/mCnY7RJ As a background (as per request), all three resloutions and the original 6000x4000 (or something) can be found at the following link: http://imgur.com/a/QpCXW (album of every size) Added the BFR logo too. - The shadow mage http://imgur.com/e7M0b5t + (cropped with bfr logo) http://imgur.com/XjY7g7T - Spitfire (Frozen!) - Stone Tempest + (Stonekin) (Frozen!) - Skyelf Commander - Snapjaw (missing picture, I'll add it later, you can find it in the comments somewhere) - Juggernaut (yes I know this is Mo, in progress) - Northland Drake (First Photoshop project) SIGNATURES: (If you want a signature, send me a PM) Gheist My own (old) My current signature VeriiMoney Riviute Dallarian Goofs! (Photoshop and other nonsense) Boxing Juggernaut! To-do list: aka. Requests: ✎? VOTE HERE: [voting is finished for now] REQUESTS CLOSED ☑ - frozen, done for now | ✎ - being drawn, in progress | ☑ - completed | ☒ - request accepted, in queue! not yet complete. - Stone Tempest - Ultrakool ☑ - Skyelf Commander - (not by request, doing it because I want to , will still make the requests, just later) ✎ - Shadow mage - LagOps ☑ - Spitfire - Ladadoos ☑ - Forest Elder - (myself, entry into the beta competition) ☑ - Windweavers - JoseAlmeida ☒ - Juggernaut - Bionicreaper ☒ - Shadow Worm - Chimerae ☒ - Lost dragon - Treim ☒ - Spearmen - SilenceKiller99 (ULALA!) ☒ - Northland drake - Dallarian ☒ - Agressor/Grinder - EonBen☒ - World breaker gun - Kaliber 84☒ - Avatar of frost/Harvester - Lord Nullpointer (with support from Kaliber84) ☒ - Grinder/Deepfang - Keeper ☒ - Vileblood - Dzodin ☒
  4. Hey guys im actually pretty late...well u wont feel like this, but the guys which are involved will ... Anyways at first a bit about who I am. I am a Industrial Designer/Illustrator/Concept Artist from Germany...I'm in contact with the Devs nearly since the project started (lying...they were already working on it for a couple of months I believe) I made them the offer to draw for the project...for the moment I'm just doing some stuff completely free...the guys are so busy that the only "border" I had was the resolutions/dimensions. What I'm going to post here is first the progress of my work, inc the logo work of mine...second the finished piece of mine...and third the finished header inc the logo "Danfghj" did here: He was fine with me using his work ...Well I did some adjustments on his logo anyway...hopefully he is ok with that too Enough...my work below:

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