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Found 3 results

  1. onedaxter

    Export 3D Model / 3D Model Format

    Hy guys, With QuickBMS or also with DragunUnpacker I was able to export the content from the .pak files. There are all the cool stuff like textures , sound files and also the 3D models. The models have the file extension .drs and their animations are the .ska files. The problem is that I haven't found an exporter for this file format. My Question : Is there some one whos able to export or convert the meshes from this files in something like .fbx ? I tried to analyse the file format with a hex-editor and find out where the "header" starts and ends. But yeah, I'm not very good in this topic and I stoped it ;D
  2. Kiliangg

    Reupload 3D Models to Google Drive

    Hey there, I'll upload every 3D Model I can get to this Drive. >>> Drive <<< The Progress depents on my freetime. Uploaded so far: All NPC Buildings (Bandits, Lost Souls, Stonekin, Some random Buildings and Monuments + Generators) PS: I will try to add bones to the units that we can animate them more easy (will take like forever ). And I have put one Model in Unreal Engine 4. Looks dope I guess. have fun. Kilian DISCLAIMER: All uploaded files are owned by their rightful copyright holders are used under the guidelines of the Fair Use provisions of United States Copyright Law. The uploaded files are for non commercials use only. tl;dr: You and me don't own the rights of the Files. You CAN NOT use them to generate income (YouTube Advertisement, selling Art etc.) ! I DON'T TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU GET SUED.
  3. Kiliangg

    Library for 3D-Models

    The Drive is offline. I will put it back online soon™

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