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Found 2 results

  1. NAME: "Connection failed!" when trying to login, and not being able connect again SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Login screen REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Error appears, if you happen to enter your password or login wrongly (typo or just improper, whatever). If that happens, then even when you write proper login/password you will still get the "Connection failed!" message instead of "Invalid Account or Password! Please, wait 3 seconds before signing in again" when you do it the first time (write wrongly) (btw, the "Login" button doesn't grey out even the first time). Also when you try to login second time the "Connection failed!" message will appear after game freezes for about ~5 seconds. So: steps to reproduce it are >Start game >Enter wrong password/e-mail >get the "Invalid Account or Password! Please, wait 3 seconds before signing in again" message >write proper Account or Password >Get the "Connection failed!" message and blocked entrance. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 'Hotfix' - enter your password on the first try, either restart your client, if you happen to enter the wrong one. Logs are Added (notes for logs) Related bug reports: (literally same cause and i think they are related directly) SCREENSHOT: none log.txt _launcher_log_2019.09.12_49.log _launcher_log_2019.09.12_47.log
  2. NAME: Players will stuck on the loading screen, if one of the players skips narrator SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Lobby (Loading screen) REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS (not tested yet, but there are chances) DESCRIPTION: If player skips the narrator while another player still loads, game will freeze and both players will be stuck on the loading screen. VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: doesn't crash server
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