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Found 2 results

  1. OOC: Greetings gentlefolk, and welcome to the BattleForge Roleplaying game. For rules, conditions, information on characters and factions, and how to participate in this game, please head to the RP signup thread over here: http://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1744-the-battleforge-rp-signup/ Only participants may post in this thread. Any posts made by nonparticipants will be deleted without warning. Repeated voilations of this rule made by the same person may result in a warning for spamming. The current participants and their characters are: Araxes - Lost Dragon @MrXLink Avatrostkol - Avatar of Frost @anonyme0273 Bloodsucker - Nature-sided Shadow Worm @5MERTN1K Chronos - Stone Shard @Defqon Dzodin - Shadow Giant Slayer @Dzodin The Great Warrior of Justice - Defender @Malzawar Ish'Faithal - Timeshifter Spirit @DragonOfTime Kaylen Storm - Kobold Engineer @Eddio The Last Whisper - Forest Elder @Lukegriffin02 Xyalas - Promo Swamp Drake @Kiwi Vasdohr - Dreadcharger @veryhasted Alright, without further ado, let the RP begin… here’s your intro, be prepared to write yourself in. Remember to post at least once per week, at most twice per day! WARNING - This thread's recommended age for both reading and writing is 16+, as it may contain foul language, violence, blood, cruelty and potentially very dark themes/topics. This is a guideline and you may proceed as you wish, but be warned. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nyn… a world of wonder and warfare. A place of beauty and bloodshed, and for at least a few decades, a realm of peace and pride. Collaboratively, the elements of Fire, Nature, Frost and Shadow had fended off the destruction of the world seemingly ages ago. Some remember it clearly, others are faintly reminded by the songs being sung and poems being recited by all the troubadours today; about the clash between elements, about the vanquishing of the dreaded Twilight Curse, about the liberation of the souls, the terror and slavery caused by Shane Blight, and even about the rise of Rogan Kayle, the King of Lyr of the olden days. Brave Skylords fought for what was theirs, worked together to protect the Forge and the world of Nyn from despair and chaos. Perhaps the days of never-ending war were the better days for the sake of Nyn’s history and elemental coherence. With a shared purpose and objective, all the forces of Nyn seemed to forget about their differences and collaborated for the greater good. Once the Twilight War had been resolved, however, it only became more and more clear that this was a mere illusion. In fact, the aftermath of the War only made the elemental tensions worse, with each faction considering themselves to contribute most to Nyn’s liberation, denouncing their natural counterparts. The burning rage of the Fire tribes, blaming most of their losses on the cowardice and defensive attitude of the Frost Kingdom, whereas the Frost civilization blamed this on the Fire tribes’ reckless lack of strategic approach. The stunningly beautiful creatures of Nature felt insulted by the sacrifices the Shadow Empire made, destroying both themselves and their allies for the greater good, and corrupting the lands, whereas Shadow found this an insulting and impure matter. Nothing had changed for the better, but nobody was waiting for another war. This is why all the elements remained silent, but for how long… It was only a matter of time until the next conflict would break out. The oracles of Nature foresaw it for years, and the Lost Souls became restless, some even refusing to enter Ashia until the tension had been endured. The way in which the next conflict started, however, was a surprise to everybody. Within the same night, at the exact same time, Tyria, the Queen of Lyr and ruler of the Frost Kingdom, as well as Aerion, the sage and leader of Nature, were killed mercilessly and without a trace of any killer. Aerion having been poisoned by an incurable unknown substance in his afternoon tea, whereas Tyria was lost due to extensive blood loss from a wound in her chest, presumably caused by a large dagger of unknown origin. As could be expected, Nature immediately blamed the Shadow Empire for the death of their leader. Of course, what is more subtle and painful than getting poisoned in such a brutal way? This had to be the work of those undead bastards, seeking to get rid of us since the end of the War... or so the forces of Nature claimed. The death of Tyria could naturally only be caused by the Fire tribes, claim the citizens of Lyr and the kingdom of Frost. They had always despised Frost’s defensive strategies, blamed them on their losses and now found revenge by assassinating their bravest leader since Rogan. An aggressive, merciless chest wound could only be the cause of senseless, reckless violence, right? It would be straightforward enough to claim that Frost and Nature would ally with each other since they shared a similar fate… but this was not the case. After all, Frost had long been defiling the lands with industry, constructs and massive structures, and Nature has been blamed to be the cause of the chilling cold and merciless conditions in the Kingdom of Frost for the last three years… and Shadow and Fire had always despised each other for their lack of taste and different strategic approaches. Not everybody was single-minded about the war between factions and civilizations slowly began to fall apart. This meant war. War between Fire and Frost, war between Shadow and Nature, and perhaps war in general. Even the Skylords, being originally part of either of the four elements, were frowning at each other and using their powers against each other, biased by the ongoing conflict. The Gods were clearly not pleased by this, and threw every single Skylord into exile, denying them any access to the Forge of Creation, which was left to float within the heavens; empty, hollow and unstable. With nobody to trust and no divine protection, awareness sharpened and collaboration weakened. Collaborative tasks to protect the realm were abandoned due to factions not trusting each other well enough, and the tension still grows stronger every single day. Small, independent alliances and rivalries are formed, and creatures seem to focus so much on the war they pay little attention to the rest of Nyn. The situation is highly fragile and unstable, and the ongoing war has disrupted the balance between elements, causing the Forge to tremble… and as soon as there is a lack of attention, new opportunities may arise for those who have long been isolated, contained or silent. After all, Bandits could have a free domain these days, the world’s instability worried the Stonekin, and who was to guard the passageways to Akylos? An unthinkable, awful future is slowly drenching the world of Nyn into chaos… who could possibly be facing it?
  2. NOTE: ALL INFORMATION IN THIS POST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. I WILL ANNOUNCE MAJOR UPDATES. RP can be found here: http://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1838-the-elemental-clash-the-battleforge-rp/ Greetings, lords, ladies and things of the sky! Development is progressing and the wait is getting tedious. I know, and therefore I have decided to introduce you people to the world of forum RPs. I have been doing RP on forums for several years in the past, and perhaps some of our fellow 3.7K+ skylords have the motivation, excitement, creativity and seriousness to participate in a game of storytelling. So... what's up with all this and how does it work? Allow me to elaborate... What is an RP? RP stands for Role Play, and the simplest way to explain it is... it's making a story together. Each member plays the role of a character, who they then tell about what they're doing, where they are, and what actions they are taking. They interact with each other and the world, and so you create one expressive and big story together. The overall world, scenario and guidelines for the story are being made and/or maintained by a person called the Game Master (or DM if you're into Dungeons & Dragons), who also keeps order and decides what kind of characters get accepted, how balanced the game is, and who wins in a fight or conflict between players or from a player towards key environmental events. The GM and all participants then interact with each other in order to progress within the storyline in their own pace. So what is this RP going to be about? Well, what could possibly be a more amazing setting than the world of Nyn itself? This will be a BattleForge-based RP in which the participants play as a BattleForge unit, or a unit related to a BattleForge card, belonging to one of the BattleForge factions within the world of Nyn. The world would look like THIS, as you likely know through playing the game. The point is, though... that aside from what is specified, we do not have to be accurate towards the lore for this. New locations, towns, landmarks, events and so on may be created within the world by participants like possibly yourself! There are but few boundaries to this, so let your imagination go wild. In the upcoming days I will write an introduction to the storyline, but in order to spark some interest here is a brief summary. (Credits to @anonyme0273 and @kestas3 for inspiration) Time has been fleeting in the world of Nyn. The Twilight Curse was cleansed, and the world was saved from destruction thanks to the Skylords of the Old. But the peace and quiet this brought upon the world did not last eternally. Fire, Nature, Frost, and Shadow were always watching each other, each of them individually claiming to be responsible for resolving the Twilight Wars just a bit more than the rest, blaming each other for lives lost, mistakes made, and a lack of effort done within the war. Wisely, the elemental leaders diplomatically quieted down about this, until one day the leaders of Frost and Nature were assaulted by an unknown force. Frost, with their defensive principles, blamed the aggressive Fire tribes for this, and beautiful, controlling Nature blamed the subtle and dark ways of the Shadow empire. Furiously denying one other's responsibility for the assaults, a massive war emerged between all four elements. But it did not stop there. Upset as they naturally were about the past, elements forged alliances and societies to stand up against their now common enemies. With years and years of arguing and blaming behind each other's backs as a motivating factor, this would be an irresolvable conflict... or would it? Furious about the ongoing war, the Skylords were exiled from the Forge of Creation by the Gods themselves, due to them being biased towards their own element, destroying the balance of the world. But the growing instability of the ancient Forge, caused by the amount of chaos and hatred within the world of Nyn below, was a worrying sight to behold. Had the Gods abandoned all hope? And what would the war do to the Forge...? Elements Every character that participates in this RP will have to belong to a certain Element. You can choose any BattleForge Element, with the exception of Legendary, Amii, and Fire/Frost factions. You can choose one of the following factions, of which each will receive their own small introduction when the story starts. A short description will elaborate on the faction's style of acting, hopefully allowing you to make a better choice about what kind of faction you want to belong to. FIRE is the most aggressive of the four base elements. Their main combat strengths are brute, high-damage explosive and besieging attacks in exchange for very low protections. They often go berserk and are an excellent example of brute force, showing the power and destruction within them and using it to claim what they deem theirs. They are at war with the Frost faction, and will do anything to make them pay for their hypocrisy and accused murder. FROST is the youngest and most defensive of the four base elements. Their main combat strengths are passive, protective shelters armed with magnificently destructive ancient weaponry, using slow, defensive tactics to repel all who oppose them. They are highly protective and can take a lot of hits before being defeated, in exchange for low damage on their own. They are known for their invincible walls and devastating defence mechanisms, and are considered impenetrable. They are at war with the Fire faction, and will keep their forces out with all their might to prove them the best offence is indeed a good defence. NATURE is a naturally rebellious and protective element. Their main combat strengths involve sustainability and control through powerful healing and hexing spells. They attempt to control their enemies and keep themselves alive in order to survive, in exchange for a balance between attack and defence, and generally being peaceful. They are known for their protectiveness and are a beauty to behold, but do not let this beauty blind you, you are tricked before you know it. They are at war with the Shadow faction, and will try all they can to bring justice to those sneaky, pesky creatures of darkness for attempting to murder their leader. SHADOW is the oldest of the elements, consisting of followers of darkness. Their main combat strengths involve sacrifice in order to grow ever stronger and cast destructive, immensely powerful ancient spells upon their enemies. They weaken and manipulate their enemies through dark forces, in exchange for a lack of stability and being far less powerful without armies of death and sacrifice at their disposal. Shadow takes many risks and converts it into pure dominance. They are at war with the Nature faction, and will attempt to utterly desolate those filthy, tree-hugging rebels for accusing them of murder. THE TWILIGHT were not supposed to exist. They were supposed to be eradicated from the world after the Skylords of the old days cleansed the Twilight Taint from the lands of Nyn. But alas, the Twilight have hidden in a secluded cavern system underneath the Southern Wastes, waiting for the opportune moment to strike again. The Twilight are immensely powerful, formerly Elemental beings that have been infected with a curse rendering them to suffer in agony and pain as they brutally destroy everything that gets in their way. The Twilight are not dumb, though... with all the chaos and destruction going on between the four Elements, they have their eyes set on revenge and power. They are considered as Hostile to ALL. THE STONEKIN are warriors of the old, and lords of the Earth itself. They combine earthen resilience with the control nature, their offspring, offers. Long have the Stonekin been awaiting to take back what was theirs from Nature, and reserve their rightful spot among the elements. Similarly, they worry about the Forge's instability and mean to fight for overall order to maintain the world, their earth's stability. After all, who wants their kin to cease to exist? Stonekin are considered as passive-aggressive and Neutral to ALL, with the exception of their hostility towards Nature. THE BANDITS claim what they deem theirs, ergo: everything. They are a cunning faction, combining brute force with cleverly-made traps and infernal machines. Their attacks are slightly unstable but immensely powerful provided that they are in numbers. Bandits are generally interested in power and wealth, and will do anything to acquire what they want. They are particularly greedy, but as long as nobody bothers them in their plans, they have no interest in senseless battle... unless of course a considerate payment is offered... The chaos around the elemental wars have sparked the interest of the Bandits to acclaim more land, and perhaps be able to plunder some unsuspecting villages, and perhaps get a glimpse of what the Forge beholds... Bandits are considered as cleverly aggressive and Neutral to ALL, depending on their demands. THE LOST SOULS are wandering spirits of the dead that have not found their peace, have not paid for their sins and have not loosened all their ties with the mortal world. Their souls are corrupted, and are extremely varied in their desires and ambitions. Good souls refusing to pass and fighting along their friends for their cause, rebellious souls that want to storm the lands for power on their own, wandering souls that cannot find the way to the heavens and haunt those who killed them, hungering for revenge, or corrupted souls, having a will on their own, using their spirit form to exert deadly force to pursue their former dark schemes. Lost Souls are extremely dangerous and varied in purpose and alignment. Proceed into this faction with great caution and preparation. Rules and Guidelines There are quite a few rules each player should stick to in order to create a clean, coherent and pleasant storytelling environment. Below, the Rules and Guidelines for this RP are stated. Please read these carefully! This RP is meant for ages 16 and above. These are guidelines, if you are younger and still wish to participate, do so at your own risk. This RP may contain: Violence, blood, profanity, death and dark/morbid themes. Yes, I will allow RP posts to be excepted from the "No Profanity/Vulgarity" rule of our Global Forum Rules. You are obliged to post AT LEAST once per week. This is to keep the story running properly. If you have a reason to be gone for a prolonged period of time, please contact me through PM. This is a guideline, though, I won't frown upon posts made in 8-9 days, but try to stick to a week minimum! You can AT MOST post twice a day. This is to prevent a wave of consecutive story entries. The GM can give exceptions to this during lengthy combat sessions. Although this is a fantasy universe, remember that Rule 1 of the Forum Rules should not be ignored too much. If you mean to say something outside of the story, use "OOC: [Message]". OOC means Out Of Character and points out you are talking in the real world. Place your message between any form of brackets to mark the OOC beginning and end. Death does exist. Although the chance, depending on your actions, may be slim, it could so happen that your character dies. Upon death, it is for you to decide whether you stop with the RP or join the Lost Souls and pursue your goal regardless. Do mind that this may take some risks and that once a Lost Soul has been completely destroyed, there is no way back. Actions and Decisions. When a key event in the environment is triggered, an ability is used, or when two players interact with each other, a random-number generator will determine the outcome of said action or decision. This is based on how likely and reasonable it is for the chance to succeed. An example: A Juggernaut attacks a Battleship and tries to slam it out of the sky with its fist. Both juggernaut and battleship are in a fine condition and therefore I roll a D6, 1-3 makes the juggernaut succeed, 4-6 will make it fail. A 3 was rolled, the juggernaut heavily damages the ship's hull. The Battleship player then decides what to do next. Players can decide on actions between their own creations on their own. A Northguard who lives in his home and attempts to cut a cake does not need to roll for a success because the player created the cake and it is irrelevant to other players' decisions at that moment. A Lyrish knight attempting to pick up a Forge artefact would have to roll, as it'd be a key part of the environment. This also counts for ability usage. I hope that makes sense. The GM. The Game Master is me as of now. I will roll the dice for every player using RANDOM.ORG and will write help some players out with the story if they need help or guiding. I decide whether something is against the rules, and whether a post can be approved or not. I reserve the right to remove characters from the RP at will. PM me if anything bothersome between player interactions happens. Write Your Story. The best thing about RPs is that players have an enormous amount of creative influence. You can create the town in which you belong, add characters that are not controlled by anyone, join up with another player to co-operate within a story, make your own interactions with each other. I will not tell you to write towards a specific, expected, detailed storyline I have in mind. This is our story, and we will create it in our own way. If you and a friend within the RP want to tell the tale of two northguards looking for clues, go ahead, but know that another player might be an executor just waiting for you to make the wrong move... Be reasonable. Think realistically. If your opponent in a fight wins a dice roll for a brutal blow to the face, don't make sure your character barely feels it. Be sensible, be realistic, and perhaps think of a way to come back, such as getting hit brutally but trying to kick your opponent in the nuts while they are off-guard. The possibilities are many. Consider losing a fight, consider letting your opponent win every once in a while. Be reasonable yourself about a combat outcome. The GM does not need to be the one deciding who wins or loses a fight, if you are reasonable enough to do such things the game will be a lot more enjoyable in general. Your character MUST be a BattleForge card unit or related to one. All cards with the exception of Amii Phantom and Legendary cards are fine. You are allowed to create a unit based on a building, i.e. if you want to be a Worldbreaker Gunman or a worshipper for the Altar of Chaos, this is fine. There are great differences between units. You can easily pick a strong, XL unit or a weaker, S unit with strength in numbers. Feel free to play whatever you want, and realise the advantages and disadvantages of your unit type. Small units often come in numbers and armies and societies, whereas larger units are more scarce and easily zoned out. We will find a way to make this fair for all of you, and it causes some story variety and decisions to be made. After all, a northguard won't fight a grinder all on his own... BattleForge card values do not matter. You may interpret your own way of using BattleForge card abilities to make them fit within the story. As of the current stage of the RP, there will likely not be health points, specific damage values, percentual weaknesses, buffs, and so on. Card attributes like "unit takes 15% less damage" can for example be changed into "my character is resilient and sturdy and is capable of taking more hits due to his ability". Be creative and change the interpretation of the abilities to your liking. No Mary Sue/Gary Stu-ing. No OP characters. We all want our heroes to be invincible and undefeatable, but that doesn't help a good RP progress. If nobody can win a fight, then we'll be going nowhere. Be reasonable in your character design. Each character has strengths and weaknesses. If you don't know a weakness, have a look at your opposite faction or your counters in BattleForge itself (check http://cardbase.skylords.eu/). Be creative, make your character sensible and balanced. You should write in the third person. Do not use the "I"-tense in your posts, as this will make it confusing for others to distinguish who is who within the story. Instead, use your character's name. An example: "It's the shoes!" Rogan said happily. "I finally found what I wear on my feet!". All characters are able to speak English. No exceptions. Make a Character Sheet. It is mandatory to post a Character Sheet (CS) in this thread before being allowed in the story. A CS is a description of who your character is, what they do, personality, what strengths/weaknesses they have, history, etc. Let us know about your character! You will not be accepted into the RP if your character has not been approved by the GM or whoever he assigns to check the CS. A CS must contain the following (feel free to add your own fields to be more descriptive!): Full Name Age (in years) Card & Faction (Which BF unit are you?) Appearance and Gender (Does your character look different from the usual model? State here how special and different you are) Alignment (State with whom you ally, and/or what faction is your sworn enemy. You can be creative with this.) Abilities (Imagine up to a maximum of 3 special abilities your character can use. This may or may not be related to the actual BattleForge card. Be considerate, take penalties when an ability is strong, state conditions in order to be approved more easily) Stengths (What is your character good at? What are they known for?) Weaknesses (What is your character's weak spot? Can be mental or physical issues) Personality (what makes your character unique? How do they behave? what makes your northguard stand out from other northguards? You don't necessarily have to reflect your faction in this!) History (explain a bit about your past, how you came to be. This can be as extensive as you want it to be) New entries are ALWAYS welcome! You can partake in the RP even if it already started! If your CS gets approved you can write yourself in, no problem! This thread is NOT the RP. Once the RP starts I will make a separate thread. The RP contains posts from RP participants. No exceptions. Any post made in the RP without permission or without being a participant will be removed without warning or consideration. Respect the GM's decisions. If your CS gets rejected, feel free to edit it or make a new one. If a post does not get approved, take your time to change it. The GM is not biased and can be trusted. He rolls for himself, please, you can trust me alright Player List (Accepted - 11) Araxes - Lost Dragon @MrXLink Avatrostkol - Avatar of Frost @anonyme0273 Bloodsucker - Nature-sided Shadow Worm @5MERTN1K Chronos - Stone Shard @Defqon Dzodin - Shadow Giant Slayer @Dzodin The Great Warrior of Justice - Defender @Malzawar Ish'Faithal - Timeshifter Spirit @DragonOfTime Kaylen Storm - Kobold Engineer @Eddio The Last Whisper - Forest Elder @Lukegriffin02 Xyalas - Promo Swamp Drake @Kiwi Vasdohr - Dreadcharger @veryhasted Player List (Inactive - 1) Fumetsu Kyofu - Lost Warlord @BionicReaper Player List (Pending - 5) Currently awaiting Character Sheets from the following members: @Lorddaggon @Mrgenki @Ruben @Sensei Faction Division (Pending and Inactive included, Twilight Infected Split) FIRE - 0 FROST - 2 (Avatrostkol, Kaylen) NATURE - 4 (Bloodsucker, Ish'Faithal, The Last Whisper, Xyalas) SHADOW - 2 (Dzodin, Vasdohr) THE TWILIGHT - 2 (Dzodin, The Great Warrior of Justice) THE STONEKIN - 1 (Chronos) THE BANDITS - 0 THE LOST SOULS - 2 (Araxes, Fumetsu) When will it start? The RP has already started, check out the thread! Questions and Additions Welcome! Feel free to ask about the RP, I am only human and I might have forgotten some rules or have perhaps not made all the guidelines clear enough. Feel free to suggest and comment on my current storyline and faction descriptions! There is more than enough time to improve before and while the story is going on! Have fun, let your creative juices flow, and I hope to see your CSs soon! I will make my own CS once this has been posted
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