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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, Skylords! I have been having a look at Allcards and the Wiki and received many questions from you regarding the exact loot lists (list of which card upgrade drops on which map) for PvE maps. A lot of you want to know which cards drop where and whether we can determine it as such to put the correct information into the Allcards/Wiki systems. Now, since we are not working on loot yet we do not exactly know what drops where. However, we are all quite positive about the fact that loot is distributed through the server, which means we can most likely find and alter the loot lists. This means that (if we end up being able to do so, which is likely) we will add Amii upgrades to PvE maps and we will be able to figure out the exact loot lists at some point in the future. Now Nullpointer and I have been thinking, since we can edit loot lists, why not mix up the loot list and assign upgrades elsewhere to give a new, fresh perspective on playing for upgrades? It can help us make unpopular PvE maps more popular, and so on. U1 would still drop at standard, U2 at advanced, and U3 at expert. There are four things we can do with this... Keep the original loot listRandomly create a new loot listCreate a new loot list themed around the map to the extent we can (i.e. Lost Warlord B in Empire)Create a new loot list focused on distributing popularity amongst maps for a better player-to-map balance in PvENow I want to hear the voices of you, the community, to help us decide on what to do with this! This is your chance for some possible future development input, so vote for your favourite option(s), what would you like to see happening to the loot list? You can vote for multiple options. On a side note, yes I have heard your suggestions regarding adding Amii upgrades to rPvE. However, since rPvE is so highly spammable and potentially harder to add upgrades into, we are likely stepping away from that idea. PvE is for upgrades, rPvE will be the main way of grinding for gold, that is the plan I currently have in mind. Thanks a lot for your feedback, skylords! I value your activity, hype and contribution a lot, you are all fabulous gentlefolk.
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