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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, In 4 player pve maps, when you are divided in 2 teams of 2 to complete certain objectives specific to your team, you are unable to see the objectives of team 2 in the lobby. For example if you are in team 1 in the lobby, you'll see your objectives, but when switching to position 3 or 4, you can't see the objectives you have for that side. Many say this was never a feature but I clearly remember me switching positions back in the days to see check the objectives which would be more "fun". (in the screenshots you can see i can't see the objectives of player 3 & 4 which a
  2. NAME: Game restricts taking a free starting position in a lobby, if it was taken by someone before. SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Lobby REPRODUCIBILITY: Always (quick hands) DESCRIPTION: >be in the group with host, >lobby is created by the host, >any single slot is taken by two people at a time, *wild west cowboy duel music on the background plays* >now one takes a slot, and second does not, obviously, >second tries to take a free slot, but get an instant "Unknown Error!" sys msge >cannot take any slots anymore, untill lobby is recreated, or player is reinvited (leave
  3. NAME: Creating game crashes client SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forge\World map\Scenario: Setup screen (any map) REPRODUCIBILITY: 3/6 (quiet random due to strange combination of actions) DESCRIPTION: After a finished match with a group as group member creation of game/lobby/match crashes game (client side) straight to the desktop with following error -> [scrn shot] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: supposed steps to reproduce it: >start a 2 or 4 player match (with group only) >finish it >leave a group if you are a group member, OR if kick a group member(s)/let
  4. NAME: Players will stuck on the loading screen, if one of the players skips narrator SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Lobby (Loading screen) REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS (not tested yet, but there are chances) DESCRIPTION: If player skips the narrator while another player still loads, game will freeze and both players will be stuck on the loading screen. VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: doesn't crash server
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