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Found 1 result

  1. Why does Wheel of Gifts suck... – that's what the title suggests. Now, give me a moment to explain why many in the community share this viewpoint. Let's start with the fact that this card has a bit of a bad reputation, and not for the right reasons. In the early days, there was a bug that allowed stacking the same buff multiple times. Combined with the ease of using Lost Spirit Ships, any map became super easy. This was especially true for Random PvE maps. Since the Skylords Reborn team revived the game, this bug is fixed, but the notion that this card is "good" still sticks around, especially among casual or older players. Now, let's understand what the card does before jumping to the present. Wheel of Gifts is a Tier 3 Shrine with a rare rarity. When you build it, you get to pick one of three global buffs. The first one boosts your and your allies' units, making them deal 20% more damage. The second one lets you and your allies take 20% less damage. The third buff heals every friendly unit, yours and your allies', for 3% of their total health every 4 seconds. If you build three of these buildings, you can have all three buffs active simultaneously. On paper, these buffs sound very impressive. This is even further enhanced when considering that the buffs are “free”. You pay 180 power upfront, and you get a global buff. However, this plays perfectly into why it is not as great or efficient as most people think. Since this card is mainly used in Random PvE matches, this topic will mainly focus on that area. In Random PvE you have to kill all enemies within a certain time alone, or with a group of two or four players. This time limit is part of the difficulty for the higher-difficulty maps, especially in four-player maps. These maps are also where Wheel of Gifts is commonly found. The idea behind this card is to buff up all friendly units in the game, including those of your teammates. It's a great deal because, for just 180 power, about 20 Tier 4 units can deal 20% more damage. Spending another 180 power makes these units also take 20% less damage. Imagine adding a third building that makes all friendly units heal for a percentage of their total health – it would be even better! Spending 540 power on building three Wheel of Gifts might not be the best move in Random PvE. For the same amount of power, you could build two Gemeyes, enough to handle earlier camps. With the strict time limits in Random PvE, investing in Wheel of Gifts can slow down your progress on the map. Here's why building them right after getting Tier 3 or Tier 4 is not a great idea: - You use up 540 power on a building that doesn't directly help you clear the map. - At this point in the game, there aren't enough friendly units to make the buff worthwhile. - Many spells can handle earlier camps by themselves (Maelstrom, Frenetic Assault, Cluster Explosion). - Your teammate has to defend and attack on their own for the first few minutes/camps, while you are stacking Wheels. - The buffs don't stack with other external buffs, like Unholy Hero. - Building Wheel of Gifts right after Tier 3 denies you two power wells and leaves your partner alone to capture the Tier 4 camp. On the topic of buffs. Often Wheel of Gifts is played in a single-unit deck, like Batariel or Bloodhorn. Because of the high initial investment, it is just not worth the effort to place them down. Besides that, single-unit decks can not utilize the buffs from the Wheel of Gifts as they do not stack with other external buffs. (For more information on a Batariel deck, click the link at the bottom.) Now, you might be wondering if Wheel of Gifts has a place in Random PvE. It does! In the last rows of a Random PvE map, you often have excess power that's hard to use. This is the perfect time to set up Wheel of Gifts for that extra boost needed to tackle the toughest camps. Also, in scenarios without a timer and plenty of power, Wheel of Gifts can be a decent card to buff up your army.
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