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Found 1 result

  1. NAME: Amii Paladins do not reflect Voidstorm damage DESCRIPTION: Voidstorm damage is not reflected to Units in 15m range using Amii Paladins active ability. Amii Paladins ability says "Activate to reflect incoming damage using the ancient magic of the unit's armor. For the next 10 seconds, Amii Paladins will take 100% less damage and distribute 100% of the incoming damage equally to hostile units in a 15m radius. This damage cannot be warded off with the help of damage reducing abilities because it is able to circumvent every buff or protective shield. Reusable every" I'd say Voidstorm is a form of incoming damage. Sure it cannot be prevented but Amii Paladins ability doesnt state it reflects prevented damage. It just reflects damage. REPRODUCIBILITY: Using the CommunityForge as a map cause you got easy access to instant 8k of energy up front. Build up Voidpower using any combination of wasting power. Spawn Amii Paladins. Activate Amii Paladins ability. Send the Amii Paladins near enemy-npcs. Activate Void Storm while Amii Paladins ability is up. Amii Paladins die, enemy npc does not take reflected damage from Voidstorm deliverd via Amii Paladins. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: [This is really important. Attach/upload your log file! This provides us with the data we need to fix your problems. You can find your log in the Documents/BattleForge/Diag directory as _log_proxy_latest.log if you didn't restart your game yet, _log_proxy_0.log if you restarted your game once, _log_proxy_1.log if you restarted your game twice, and so on. If your game crashed, please also include the crashdata.mdmp.] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Since Voidstorm is damage Amii Paladins take, they should reflect it. I'm not saying they shouldnt die, they definitly should, but before dying dmg should be reflected according to ability. Or simply change the text to "Amii Paladins only reflect prevented damage" I added an addition underscore as the first letter of the logfile. I couldnt upload the load cause it was larger than the allowed filesize and i couldnt zip it cause it was in use by a program. __log_proxy_latest.7z
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