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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings! While working on new card-specific lore I've had a look at the original English and German files. In my eyes, the German translation is done awfully and differs too much from the English one. I'd like to improve the German translation alongside my own lore, but I am not interested in directly joining the dev team for several reasons. And that's why I'd like to have a separate forum for it. This would allow us to work in a very open and collaborative way without creating so many barriers. I am also interested in making small adjustments to the English texts. Are you interested in this work? If so, what do you think of this approach?
  2. Minor mistakes and adjustments. Required corrections for cards descriptions in Russian: 0. Sunken Temple Replace the current translation with a different sentence: Text for Copy-Paste: Перестанет призывать, как только лимит юнитов будет превышен 150. 1. Pest Creeper Text for Copy-Paste: 1 - 6 м : add a spacebar between 2 - 4 секунды : add [ы] 3 - область : replace the [ауру] word. 2. Parasite Swarm Text for Copy-Paste: 1. подразделением -> юнитом : in the first sentence 2. Цель не должна превышать требования в 3 сферы и максимум в 150 енергии. : replace the whole red squared sentence with this. 3. созданияx -> юнитах : right in the next (3rd) sentence after the mentioned above. 3. Mine — wut? 4. Winter Witch Freezing Ray: parameter needs a fix -> % 35% секунд. 5. Bandit Lancer and Bandit Spearmen Bandit Lancer card name needs a change, because they are same. This topic has been brought up half a year ago and was agreed upon already, but the change was not applied. Text for Copy-Paste: Бандиты-всадники 5. Ironclad Delete the comma as it is not needed. 6. Card upgrade interface Word must start from the capital letter -> Купить 7. Burrowing Ritual Gifted Affinity needs a description correction. Text for Copy-Paste: 1. отрядов -> юнитов 2. отряд -> юнит 3. каждую секунду восстанавливать 2% от его максимума здоровья в течение. : replace only the red-underlined.
  3. Hi kann sein das ich hier falsch bin aber ich kenn mich hier noch nicht aus 😄 In der Karte Zwielicht-Kriegskunst befindet sich der Satz "Außerdem fügt jede verbündete Entität in ihr ihren Lebenspunkten 25% mehr Schaden hinzu" Richtig: "Außerdem fügt jede verbündete Entität 25% ihres Schadens ihren Lebenspunkten hinzu." Lg Kayrie
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