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  1. Is there a quest you really would like to have in the game? Well here is your chance on suggesting it and maybe the devs will implement it. This thread's purpose is to collect all kinds of ideas for quests and achievements to help out the staff team with coming up with those and instead just picking the good/ best ones out of here. Please try to not suggest ideas that are already on the list in some form (also include not suggesting numbers for a already existing quest). Please note that i am not part of the staff and therefor can not guarantee that any of your suggestions will get implemented in any kind or form. If you post your ideas here i will add them to the main post to the best of my abilities . The general ones i will post in a general form so they can be applied to every map/ difficulty in that way. Thanks in advance to all ideas mentioned. Suggestion: General quests could be expanded to also include selected community maps. General quests/achievements: Complete x map on standard/advanced(or higher)/ expert difficulty Reach x PvE/PvP rank Complete a 1/2/4/any rPvE map on x difficulty Play/Complete x games of PvP/ranked PvP Play x amount of time in a PvP/ranked PvP/PVE/rPVE/any match Complete the story around Rogan Kayle Complete the Story around Mo Complete every map on standard/advanced/expert difficulty Complete any map with only x cards in your deck on standard/advanced/expert difficulty Play/Complete x amounts of PvE/rPvE/PvP/ranked PvP games (on x difficulty- PvE only) Open all gold chests on x map on x difficulty Complete x map in under x minutes Complete a ranked PvP match in under x minutes (Countermeasure against instant leaves probably necassary) Complete x amounts of daily quests/achievements Open x amounts of gold chests/boosters total Complete a 2/4 player map solo on x difficulty Deal x amount of damage using spells/buildings/units (all time) Heal x amount of health (units only - no regenerating at nearby buildings/wells/monuments Built x amounts of orbs/power wells/ (killing and rebuilding orbs does not count) Use x card/any single card/any single card type(spells, buildings, units) x amounts of time Use (any) card abilities x amounts of times Kill x amounts of Lost Souls/Bandits/Stonekin/Twilight enemies Have 4 different orbs in a match Break x amounts of shields/ break shields with the HP value of y Reach the Unit limit with only small/flying/x unit(s) Don't let a single of your units in a match die Destroy an enemy structure with your own building Complete a map without spawning a ranged unit Complete x map with only unit cards One Shot any Boss Hear "a monument is destroyed" x amounts of times Build x wells and/or y monuments Break the population/unit limit by at least x points Get 1000 power from your void within 3 seconds Control a single unit of s units for x seconds Complete x map without/only using fire/frost/nature/shadow (splashs included/splashs not included) on y difficulty -->(maybe 1 map for each orb) Play/Win a match with x differentt(unique) players Participate/Reach x rank in an "official" Skylords Reborn tournament (probably needs to be handed out manually) Use every card in your deck at least once in x amounts of matches Complete x amounts of matches playing with a friend Let a unit survive for at least 15 minutes Have no void power at any time in a match Complete a match without using any spells/buildings Complete any map without self-destructing a single unit or building "Out of match" achievements: Clone x amounts of decks Add your own custommade map to Battleforge Win x amount of bid auctions Kill all AI creatures available in the forge at least once Upgrade x card(s) to rank 1/2/3 (with rarity common/uncommon/rare/ultra rare) Own x unique/every cards of y faction/edition/element /rarity/size/total Trade/Buy/Sell x amount of cards Upgrade x cards to UX Add x players to your friendlist Reach deck level x Buy x amounts of boosters Earn x amounts of BFP/gold with Quests/Achievements/Trading/any way Show a (single unique) deck to x persons Watch x amounts of different decks (from other players) Specific quests/achievements: I will try to seperate good ideas for endgame achievements beforehand in a 2nd list below. Please let me know if you agree with that kind of structuring and if you have a different opinion on how good those choices are. This is done simply for better visibility and a better overall structure as i a assume we will have quite a number of suggestions: Ability/Card Specific Quests/Achievements Teleport a unit using a "tunnel" ability Travel through a Deepcoil Worm with another Deepcoil Worm Complete a level 1 battleground using only "snapjaws" "Freeze" x amounts of units in matches (Santa Reward?) Destroy x amount of buildings using a unit with the "siege ability" Absorb/Heal x amount using "Ashbone Pyro" Do x amount of damage using "x unit" Use a "revenants doom ability" Use a "transform ability" "Knock back" x amounts of unit Spawn more than x % of units within range of "Breeding Grounds" Have 12 "Lost Spirit Ships" spawned at the same time Have every dragon creature summoned at the same time (t4 only -- Fire Dragon, Lost Dragon, Giant Wyrm, Grim Bahir, Skycatcher) Have every Worm summoned at the same time (Fire Worm, Shadow Worm, Deepcoil Worm, Core Dredge) Use "Enlightenment" to build an "Ice Barrier" Grab a paralyzed target with a "Deep One" Summon "all legendary cards" in a match Make a "Shadow Phoenix" revive x times or more Build all 4 Affinity Crystals in 1 match Kill a Nightguard that was once yours with a Nox Trooper ability Deconstruct a unit that has more than 6k health (by using Wrathgazer, Grigori, Shadow Worm, etc) Destroy x units with a single Shadow Worm/Church of Negation Build a root network with at least x participants (units or buildings) Use a healing spell to revive at least x squad members at once Let a Tortugun eat x population or more in 1 match Destroy x or more buildings with a single Worldbreaker Gun shot Kill any Boss using only Termite Hills (Map)specific quests/achievements i will not specifically name the difficulty or the like on these achievements as they probably have to be manually chosen by the staff team, maybe in cooperation with the community to allow for enough achievements on each difficulty of play and to make them reasonable for the players that play on that level. These are supposed to be challenging not outright impossible for players of that skill level. The really hard ones come down below . Complete "Introduction" without killing the Bandit Healer Complete "Introduction" without building t3 units Complete "Encounters with Twilight" by attacking the Twilight fortifications on x difficulty Complete "Encounters with Twilight" without a spirit reaching the Wrathgazer (was it called that?) on x difficulty Complete "Encounters with Twilight" by defending against the Twilight horde attacking on x difficulty Complete "Encounters with Twilight" and don't loose any units to the Wrathgazer on x difficulty Complete "Siege of Hope" without any defenders dying on x diffiuclty Complete "Siege of Hope" Complete "Defending Hope" without Rogan taking any damage on x difficulty Complete "The Soultree" without Moon getting under x % of health on x difficulty (no Amii-Monument) Complete "The Soultree" without any of the Lyrish Defenders die on x difficulty Complete "Mo" and kill the Commando Walker on x difficulty Complete "Mo" without any of the Banzai birds exploding Complete "Oracle" using all trick magic devices in Oracle correctly on the first try Complete "The Treasure Fleet" without losing a single Gold Wagon on x difficulty Complete "The Treasure Fleet" without opening a single Gold Chest Complete "Sunbridge" switching the gate in Sunbridge x amount of times on x difficulty Complete "Sunbridge" without loosing any units against Mora on x difficulty Complete "Convoy" without letting x amouns of Walkers die on y difficulty Complete "Convoy" without using the spell devices more than x times on y difficulty Complete "Nightmares End" without losing any of the nodes on x difficulty Complete "The Insane God" without letting any of the priests or temples take damage on x difficulty Complete "Bad Harvest" without the Gold Wagon taking any damage on x difficulty Complete "Titans" and save every single Prisoner on x difficulty Complete "Blight" killing the Ravenheart in under x seconds on x difficulty Complete "Blight" without failing to destroy a bandit camp in time on x difficulty Complete "Empire" killing Brannoc in x amount of time on x difficulty Complete "The Ravens End" killing at least x amounts of Raven Scoutships on x difficulty Complete "Guns of Lyr" without Rogans Stronghold taking any damage on x difficulty Complete "The Dwarven Riddle" without using the Fire Altar on x difficulty Complete a "Battleground difficulty 5" only using Manawing and Deathglider Complete a "PvP ranked match" going t3 before your opponent builds a second monument Kill a Promo unit with a Promo unit in a "PvP ranked match" Kill an XL unit with a S unit in a "PvP ranked match" Kill x amounts of frozen units in "PvP matches" Win a match with someone x PvP ranks lower than you in a "PvP Match" (same team) Complete a "Battleground" match on every difficulty Complete a "usergenerated map" on x difficulty Endgame, (map)specific quests/achievements: Some of these probably need some testing if at all possible (I will mark the ones i think might prove difficult to achieve or have outright no clue if possible for testing by making them yellow coloured. If you have already completed such feats in the original game or know that they are possible let me know and i will make sure they are no longer coloured). Complete "Mo" without Mo ever getting under x% (maybe 90%/95%/99%?) of HP on expert difficulty Complete "Crusade" without using the teleporters on expert difficulty Complete "Crusade" without building any walls on expert difficulty Complete "Sunbridge" without using the Amii-Portal-Switches on expert difficulty Complete "Slavemaster" without using the Firetrap on expert difficulty Complete "Bad Harvest" without building any walls on expert difficulty Complete "King of the Giants" without Rogan Kayle taking any damage on expert difficulty Complete "Dwarven Riddle" solo without building any buildings (including walls) on expert difficulty Complete "The Dwarven Riddle" killing all crystals within 3 minutes after destroying the first one on expert difficulty Complete "Guns of Lyr" solo without building any buildings (including walls) on expert difficulty Complete any 2 Player map solo using the tutorial deck on expert difficulty Complete a 12 Player map with only on person on each map and without using any spells on expert difficulty Complete all PVE maps in under 6 hours on expert difficulty (adding the all-time speedrun rankings of all time together (no rPvE) results in about 5 hours and 20-25 minutes --> 6 hours should be possible but still be a challenge even for most if not all speedrunners) --> can this even be tracked? Complete a "solo lvl 10 Battleground match" with only 2 monuments build total Own every card at least once ( (not) including promos?) Have every card fully upgraded (U3 + fully charged) Complete 1P rPvE at lvl x in under y minutes Complete 2P rPvE at lvl x in under y minutes Complete 4P rPvE in under 10 minutes 30 seconds on difficulty 9 Complete 4P rPvE in under 13 minutes 30 seconds on difficulty 10 Own x amount of gold Complete x amounts of "PvP ranked matches" in a row Reach Top 3 in either ranked PVP 1v1 or 2v2 Reach Top 1 on any Map of the month ranking (not including maps with fixed times: F.e. Siege of Hope) Use every card at least once in a match (all time) Complete all 2 and 4 Player maps solo on expert difficulty Complete any map with maximal 4(?) cards solo on expert difficulty Changelog: 2018.08.17 Added a "Ability/ Card specific" list for a better structure. Added @Eddio's suggestions (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=70866) 2018.08.19 Added @Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'s suggestions (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=70893) Added @LetsEinfallslos002's thread (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/1948-achievements-for-bfr/&tab=comments#comment-40340) --> Does not include the "Kill x amount of units with y" or "Control x amount of units with y card" quests/achievements as those can be done for every card and would therefor make the list even more unreadable as it already is 2018.08.29 Added @Navarr's suggestions (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=70938) Added @Smok's suggestions (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions/&do=findComment&comment=70959) Added @MephistoRoss's thread (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/704-ideas-for-daily-quests/&) Adeed achievement category "out of match" (should be rather self explanatory, but here you get anything that is about trading and forge activities and really anything that is not directly reached in a match) 2018.09.04 Added @Kiwi's thread (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/2737-quest-suggestions/&) Added some more own map specific and end game specific quests 2018.09.08 Added @Navarr's post (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions-megathread/&do=findComment&comment=71129) Added some more own quests 2018.10.09 Added @Karl Lavafeld's post in form of a suggestion/hint in the thread introduction (https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4166-quest-achievement-suggestions-megathread/&do=findComment&comment=76186)
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