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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a quest you really would like to have in the game? Well here is your chance on suggesting it and maybe the devs will implement it. This thread's purpose is to collect all kinds of ideas for quests and achievements to help out the staff team with coming up with those and instead just picking the good/ best ones out of here. Please try to not suggest ideas that are already on the list in some form (also include not suggesting numbers for a already existing quest). Please note that i am not part of the staff and therefor can not guarantee that any of your suggestions will get im
  2. Could we get a way to reroll a quest more than one time? I mean to reroll the quest the next day. I got this quest and I'm not into campagne atm. (picture translation: Soul tree profi or expert)
  3. Hi, So I just started playing Skylords Reborn and I have the following issue: When I look at my quests it says: TNF:PG_Quest_Name_2147483647 And down below the title there is a progress bar but with the same text. I can see my progress but I don't know what I have to do to complete the quest, let alone know what the quest is in the first place. Me and a friend of mine recently started playing and he says he doesn't have this issue. He also received a welcome message in his Mail tab, I didn't. Might this be related? Other then that, the game is working perfectly fine.
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