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  1. Howdy! As some of you may or may not know, I have recently gotten my wife to play BattleForge with me. So far she's sticking to rPvE and she's having a lot of fun refining and mastering decks. Since I'm observing the NPE first-hand, I thought I could offer a few suggestions and points. 1. She was not interested in the game until she started getting boosters. Specifically, when she got soulshatter in like her 7th booster. Until then, I had to convince her to play. SUGGESTION: implement rewards earlier-on. I know we're trying to prevent multi-accounting, but imo we could take a slower approach. For example, we can keep the 2.5 hour requirement to get boosters, but allow bfp daily quests to start at hour 0 and provide specific cards earlier-on via achievements. We could give an extra copy of MA, SS, forsaken, and WW for the first time a player tries campaign, pvp, rpve, and upgrades something. If possible, I'd like an achievement for players to choose a rare card (or some good uncommons with similar price) to add to their deck. These cards should be powerful and feel good to play: I'd recommend soulshatter, mind control, inferno/earthshaker, ice tornado. Players should get to choose which 1 of the 4 cards they get after they do something like buy a card on the AH. I really want to emphasize this feeling of uniqueness. I think I was lucky that my wife became interested in the game and it was because she got a nice "feel good" card early on and decided to start building her deck around it. 2. She has not been interested in trying new game modes like campaign and pvp. SUGGESTION: First, more achievements. For instance, that "feel good" free card could happen when you clear 5 campaign maps for the first time. I think there should be a general increase in achievements to boost players trying different aspects of the game at least once. Second, seasons. I don't have a better term for this. Basically a week/monthy quest for all players to play a certain map/game mode. New players are not encouraged to play pvp because basically everyone who plays regularly is an expert. When there's 4 people in the queue and they're all in the top 20, a new player is not encouraged to join. I think there should be "seasons" (either 1 day per week or 1 week per month) where a particular 4 player map or pvp is given emphasis. So for instance, on Saturdays (maybe even a 2-hour block on Saturday) there will be a standing PvP quest where players get an extra large bonus (maybe a full booster) for playing PvP. This would encourage all the new players to enter the queue at once, and most would play another new player. TL;DR Create more specific achievements with useful cards as rewards (probably a choice of 4 cards so one doesn't get its price reduced) and have time blocks where specific game modes are promoted, especially pvp as a way for new players to feel like they are playing other new players instead of a pro.

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