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Found 6 results

  1. eXXs

    Market Market regulation

    How is it possible to sell your cards for any price you want. Yesterday "wheel of gifts" was worth 1,6k and now it is over 4k. Maybe there should be some pricelimits for sellers, to regulate the market. Otherwise there will be someone who could buy all important cards of his kind (for example shaman or some important beginnercards) and sell them for 5k each. Nobody could do anything about it.
  2. Blockchain technology is starting to have a role inside games aside from markets, so as cryptoenthusiast I would ask: what if skylords reborn database was hold on a blockchain? We would have an impossible to hack or cheat game where all players informations are stored in the most secure way. BFP could be the blockchain token, and instead of a daily quest system, users could just gain own tokens based on ingame activity or being active on token market. So if you have time to play you can just play and earn a share of weekly mined token, if you have no time because you work, you can buy tokens from market and focus your play time on getting gold. Each week a set amount of BFP is mined on blockchain, a part goes to dev team to sustain server, a part goes to users. The initial liquidity would be set by a token pre sale where all users can prebuy BFP to a set price, then BFP will answer to market demand/offer. This is not a real suggestion more like a "what you think about this guys?"
  3. Hi there, if you don't know (in 99,9% that's the case^^) me im Kilian. Im currently studying 3D Art and Animation and im part of a project group called "Project 0814". We are a group of 5 people from the university and we want to start a indie company and develop our first game. By doing this survey we hope to get an in depth view of the current gaming market and extracting a potential consumer group. So if you're interested, bored or have time please check out our survey hosted by Google Forms! https://goo.gl/forms/4FiJwM5PbA3tlCd12 The survey takes approximately 5 - 10 Minutes and is completely anonymously but you can give us your spam mail if you want to hear from us in the future. And if this survey post is against the rules please delete but I couldn't find any reasons in the rules. Thank you in advance, Kilian Edit: Changed title because of potential confusion.
  4. Phoenix313

    Black market

    The game shouldnt get pay 2 win and everyone shall have the same chances, so you cant buy bfp. Thats fine. But my question is, what are your plans about black market? What I mean are people that play battleforge (maybe with multiple accounts) to get / earn bfp and sell them or people that played this game and stoped playing it and sell the bfp they got aswell. For example on ebay. This would lead into a way to be able to buy bfp with real money so that those could gain a significant advantages. How do you think about this fact, that happens on almost any game with ingame currency and happend for battleforge as specific example in the past, too?
  5. Asraiel

    Market/Cardstock Restrictions

    hope that not to many will hate me for this post My Idea is to prevent (a bit) in longtermerms to get the market controlled by some Peoples. at start there will not be many cards in the Market but as time goes on more and more cards will be in the game and at somepoint the supply will get bigger than the demand. now in other games it happens as well that some peoples did try to control the market some even secsessful. to provent that from happening i would like to add a card restriction to the players cardvault. so he can only store a certain amount of the same card for example: every card can be stored up to a maximum of (exlude the upreaded Cards): Common 40 Cards of the same Card each Uncommon 30 Cards of the same Card each Rare 20 Cards of the same Card each Ultrarare 10 Cards of the same Card each that helps a bit in order to prevent market control from happening the nummers may even be lower. but this does not provent from multiaccount. In General was my intention to find a solution that provent such a market control so that players that join in later may have a easyer way to get to good cards since most of the "old" players allredy have them on max. maybe you have an better idea or solution
  6. SwiftCore

    Buying Cards?

    So, ive got an idea. What about you being able to buy cards with BF Points? I think its a good idea, so you can get better cards sort of faster, but at the same time, your giving them money to help them out with the game. Im not sure if anyone has posted something like this already, but i think its a good idea. So lets say, "The Overlord" was how ever BF it will be, so you buy/earn BF and get the Points and buy separate cards, not ones that are in a pack. I think it would be good if you can buy separate cards. Thanks.

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