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Found 3 results

  1. I made a updated version of the loading screen that connects the login screen and the forge. Its based of the original file from the game files. Could this be a alternative to the original? I had to compress it to post it here. But i can provide high quality version and make changes if needed. Please let me know what you think. I also made a poll in case you are too lazy to write but still want to show your support.
  2. I love the startup art for Battleforge. Custom made just for it, it looks like. I think that Battleforge is in need of some new loading screen art of epic battles and serene landscapes in the world of Nyn. What kind of art style or reference should it have though? The closest I could think of is Warhammer type art. But then there is stuff from games like skyrim and destiny "destiny to a small degree" Its just an interesting idea if the somehow new art with a total badass makeover like in the start screen can make it to the loading screens
  3. SERVER: Kubik Server NAME: Some players aren't able to join the match (stuck in loading screen). SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: Loading screen REPRODUCIBILITY: Random (I would say 9/10) DESCRIPTION: It seems to be random, but I can join matches alone when others are stuck in the loading screen. (Sometimes I'm stuck too) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As u can see, other players have orbs and wells.
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