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Found 1 result

  1. So, Last Tuesday I started playing Guild Wars 2 and I´m hooked. Homepage: https://www.guildwars2.com At the point I make this post, the expansion is 50% off (23€) First things first: Guild Wars 2 is a Multiplayer Focused (Yes I needed to point that out) MMORPG. You can play it for Free till level cap, but can´t enter the Zones that the expansion provided and are restricted in some other ways, like not being able to leave the starting zone pre level 10. entering World vs World pre level 60 and most imporantly: You are really restricted on trading. Imo the core features that make Guild Wars 2 differnt from most MMORPGs I´ve played are following: Your Level get´s adjusted to the zone Level you are in (IF you are a higher level than the zone that is) and you get % based experience instead of flat amounts. What does this mean? Well, If I were to go into the human starting zone with max level and killed a random Monster, I´d get the same experience % that a Lvl appropriate player would get. But what does this mean for gameplay? Well, If you really wanted, you could help out your new friends who just started out the game, while not running around one shotting everything and you´d still get experience for it! (Even at max level there is a sort of "experience" bar). How are group play and parties in this game? Parties in this game, other than for dungeons/raids/personal story (gonan talk about this one a little bit later) are pretty unnessacry. Why? Well, Quests progress on YOUR participation, you only get progress based on things YOU do, you do not get XP for monsters your party members kill and everyone gets their own loot. But doesn´t that make group play unattractive? Not at all. While quest progression is tracked individually, everyone still receives the same amount of XP from mobs as they would when playing solo. The greatest thing about this is, you don´t even NEED to be in a party for this. Some guy killing a rare monster nearby? Participate in the kill and you get loot and XP aswell. The same goes for events. What are Events? Well, events are basicly repeatable quests that respawn after some time. Depending in your participation on them you get a rank for it from Bronze to Gold, depending on your rank you get more % XP. Some of em feel like regular quests, some are just "Kill this monster!" while some go as far as being World Bosses. And don´t forget: Someone is already doing the event? You don´t need to join his party, just participate and depending on your participation you´ll get rewarded! (Even if you leave before the event is finished, or die during the event!) What happens if I die? First of all, if you go down in battle you aren´t dead yet. You still have the possibility to fight while being down, but only for a limited amount of time and that time can get reduced by taking damage. You now have 2 possibilites to get up. 1. Participate in the death of an enemy nearby, this will revive you with around 50% HP. 2. Have someone help you up (All players and sometimes even NPC´s can do this!) If you don´t get up in that time frame, you die. When you are dead there are 2 ways to get back to live: 1. Have another player or NPC revive you. 2. Teleport to a Waypoint What are Waypoints? Waypoints are points on the map you can discover. And at any given time, unless you are in combat, you can Teleport to any Waypoint you´ve discovered. How many classes are there? 8 without the expansion and 9 with the expansion. Ranging from the typical Warriors, to the Illusion abusing teleporting Mesmers. Also, in this game they are called "proffesions" What is the personal Story? Based on your Race and background story you choose you´ll start of the story differntly, and you´ll be able to influence the story in some ways by having the ability to choose between multiple options. What endgame features are there? Fractals, Raids and Dungeons for PvE players and for PvP plaers there are World vs World and multiple PvP modes. How important is crafting in this game? (Proffessions in others) Well, depending on the Craftmanship you learn, you´ll be able to make money with it! (Who knew!) You´ll also be able to forge Legendary Equipment. Does the world you choose matter? The only thing it really matters for is World vs World. Other than that? You can freely play with anyone from any World. What ways are there to level up your charachter? You can level up by the following ways: Doing Events, Questing, Exploring (You can get a pretty decent chunk of levels just by doing this), World vs World (This is only aviable for free players from lvl 60 onward) grinding mobs, or even doing proffessions (You can get level cap slowly by just gathering ore/wood/herbs) Why do I recommend this game? This game is unlike most MMORPG´s I played. You feel like you are part of a massive world where everyone wants to help everyone and has no reason not do assist you when you have problems. Even in some starting zones there are MASSIVE events and world bosses that get you hooked really fast! (Like the Shadow Behemoth in Queensdale) You´ll fall in love with some Zones (Despite the level cap of Kessex hills ending at 25, I leveld there until 35 and even went back into it for my final Level up because it was that fun and memorable. While leveling, I never felt like being a free to play player ever disadvantaged me, and it was well worth getting the expansion, the features that it adds are extremely fun, and even just grinding out zones with events I´ve done like 30 times still feel fun because of the fluid gameplay. So yeah, do you guys play it? Do you guys enjoy it as much as I do? Are people in here possibly interested in creating a Guild for us to play together? And last but not least: What is your tag ingame and what are you interested in? (username.2353 for example) Once I´m home I´ll add my name for the list and for now it´ll be empty. Username and tag Interests Shotty.4823 Atm the game as a whole. ImperatorSK.3705 Pandemonium.2061 (PublicFrenemy)
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