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Found 1 result

  1. If you ever wanted the sounds of battleforge units, background sounds, spell sounds, and more. To extract and convert the sound files into a playable format: do this .SNS files: Step 1: download DragonUnpacker this is the software with which you will be able to unpack the pak files. Step 2: Download the latest version of EAPlayer that is the software which allows you to convert the extracted .sns files into playable format. Step 3: when you have every thing ready go to your battleforge and into "Base" than "Pak" with DragonUnpacker and find all the "Sound" files and just do "Extract all" , in settings you can choose which location it will be extracted to or just when you extract all it should ask you where as well. Step 4: now that every thing is in ".SNS" type use "EAPlayer" , put EA player into the same folder of all the SNS files, and simply drag a file you want to convert, on top of EAPlayer app and release on it, it will generate a playable version of that same file. Step 5: Listen and enjoy lmao. Step 6: Use bobfrog's multi converter:[Click here] with "EAPlayer" by launching it in the same folder as the .sns files and the EAPlayer files click "copy" all on the topmost number which is the total of files, than click exit and it will start auto converting every file in the folder. .SNR files: Step 1: Download and install FormatFactory . Step 2: Open FormatFactory go to the folder where you extracted all your ".SNR" files, press "ctrl+a on your keyboard" to select all .snr files, drag em all into the FormatFactory. Step 3: A pop up in the software will ask which format you'd want to convert em to , pick the audio settings and choose mp3/wav/mp4 or what ever you like, also in the bottom you can choose where it should be saved to what folder. Alternatively: Here's a ton of sounds i have found and converted to mp3 so far in one zip file: BattleForgeSounds.zip . [Containing all the units voices/sounds them talking].
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