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  1. Sometimes the units freeze and I can't chat, sometimes the units dont freeze and I can chat and other times the units freeze and I can still chat. It's fairly simple. I play for 6 minutes then my game either freezes or doesn't allow me to control my units/summon new ones. One moment i will try to create a webm
  2. Recorded a video but its too large to post here. Again a freeze happened in Bad Harvest in position 2. Can't play the game without running into the freeze/inability to do anything. _log_proxy_latest.log
  3. Happened again this time on Nightmare Shard on Standard difficulty around the 6 minute mark. Was a small amount of lag before I had lost the ability to summon new units or move existing ones. _log_proxy_latest.log
  4. Ok new happenings decided to play in position 3 this time on Standard difficulty on Bad Harvest and this time my game froze, was still able to chat, sounds were still heard and animations for the water were still ongoing. It seems like there is a timer of 1-2 minutes after game start when I freeze on this map. _log_proxy_latest.log
  5. Was playing Bad Harvest Advanced on position 2 as a fire/shadow/bandit deck all is going well until I reach the western enemy position at which point I am unable to summon new creatures/buildings/spells or control existing ones. There is no freezing and alt tabbing doesn't work. I am still in the game but I have no control whatsover and am basicly in the position of a observer. This bug has occured multiple times on this map although only when I play position 2. Sadly no screenshot or video, basicly the animation for summoning the creature happens where the card flies into the ground
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