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  1. Damn... but there isnt a single "delet it and put it again" solution?
    Maybe a registry thing, or a Disk C folder i need.
    Just tried reinstalling the plugin. I'm not more wise than that speaking of computer magic.

  2. Since i reinstalled Windows for a problem i had, the pluginbaseditor.exe gives me an error every time i open it saying that the paralel configuration isn't correct.
    I dont see why download the whole game again when the game itself works. I just tried to unpack the zip again but still not working.

  3. 4 hours ago, Lotte2525 said:

    Well with the statement they want to make later competitions again, one could think that the beta comes late. Because why should one still invite which when the next day the Open Beta appears.
    very curious


    Well, they said we will know which day the beta will open "just in time" so i guess they'll warn us about it a day after at least. AKA will not come tomorrow.

  4. 9 hours ago, Phoenix1664 said:

    i am an ICT Technician for the RAF.................so i basically drink lots of tea:)

    Nice. I have a RAF officer hat since i'm a hardcore british plane player in WT :P

    For me, i'm an electronic technician and i'll study architecture soon.

  5. 20 hours ago, fiki574 said:

    I think that was said in context of Closed Beta.

    As Tyroki, i think i confused evertything with the closed beta because the thread is about the open beta... god... well, i will just ignore EVERYTING of the forums about open beta's and if i have doubts i will just watch the stream again.

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  6. On 9/11/2017 at 9:49 AM, fiki574 said:

    We were adding 20 people per month for Closed Beta, has nothing to do with Open Beta. Whole point of Open Beta is that everyone can access it, at the same time, any time. Was said and cleared multiple times, but for interest and fixing sake, I wonder next:

    1. Where was this said? -> "not everyone in the forums will be able to play in the open beta"

    2. Where was this said? -> "we dont want people reporting the same bugs all the time"


    Where are you even pulling this information?



    Kiwi said ON THIS THREAD:


    2. "...Furthermore, if we where to allow every single member of the forums access then without a doubt the same bugs and errors would be reported 100 or more times causing more work for the moderation team to make sure multiple threads of the same reports are deleted."



  7. Im still confused... in the stream and in the forums... you allways repeat "everyone in the forums will be able to play in the open beta" and "not everyone in the forums will be able to play in the open beta", I get the part of "slowly adding people to the game", but you can just put a queue, right? i have no idea how that works, but i think is not a dificulty for you. But then there is the part of "we dont want people reporting the same bugs all the time" and then i understand it like "didn't you get it? we will add 20 people per month". I dont know... too many "yes but no". Well, i guess i'll put my hype under the bed again.

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  8. Gonna risk myself on this, but who cares i can make a new account if anything happends. I'm not being disrespectfull anyway.

    Im a fascist. One that read the Fascist Manifesto of Mussolini and Gentile, not a Hollywood fascist.

    More of a traditionalist fascist than a futurist one. I respect the futurist idea of fascism, but the futurist fanatic ones are just degenerates that end forgetting the basics of the Fascist Manifesto.

  9. On 19/8/2015 at 5:12 PM, Yoeyfinz said:

    Very curious how much total amount needed to ensure the servers will be perfect and have money left over for charities also

    Made a fast investigations and i calculated the monthly cost of a server for 1000 people, imlpying every user uses like 200mb, it will be 40 dollars per month.

    I'm not the expert anyway, just googled about it.

  10. On 19/2/2017 at 8:28 AM, MeisterRihno said:

    Only a thought of mine...

    ea shut down the servers becouse they didnt earned enuogh money.

    what can you do in future when that project becomes a business and you cant pay all the stuff?

    its not the same as you started the project without profit. In future you have to earn money like ea.

    pls dont misunderstand me i hope for a good future and new content for skylords reborn but i also hope that the game never dies again!!

    cu ;)

    EA didn't get any money because they didn't even adverticed the game. I found the game when it existed, just by chilling out in the EA page, by accident, it was what i consider "hiden". 

    When i found the game i said "wtf, how this game is laying here like nothing, and is so original and good".

    Somebody will say that the game had a little amount of players because it was P2W, well, i never payed nothing, i was a noob with 13 years and get a lot of fun anyway.

    This guys we have right now working on the game said that they have the right to advertice the game. That's great. It means we are aiming to get more players than before. At least for me, i'll be sure to take a lot of friends to this game that never heard of Battleforge.

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