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  1. I'm all for making Twilight great again, since right now their transformation passive is basically beyond worthless, although I'm sure some of those cards seem imbalanced and will be more fair in a playable adaptation, like that anti-magic dragon with 7k hp (._.")
  2. Burning Man / or / >Ablaze Toggle to make this unit burst into flames, dealing [30 + 5% of target's max hp] per 2 seconds, to all units. [For example, Burning Man will deal (30 x 10) + (5 x 10)% damage to himself after 20 seconds, = 300 + 50% (750) = 1050 damage to self in 20 seconds] >Hunker Down Activate to give this unit Immobile and Hardened Skin (50%) >Regeneration ** Constantly regenerates 10 life every second Size: Medium Attack: (Magic) Life: 1500
  3. I feel like Tunneling doesn't get enough play, so what about something like Tahm Kench (If anyone here has played league of legends) A support unit, (2 Green orbs of course) with fairly low attack, moderate health, and can pick up small units like a vehicle from Red Alert (I guess Starcraft would be a more well known example) or something, then it tunnels, while carrying the other units, then immediately drops them off at target destination. Or maybe something similar to a Nydus wurm from Starcraft days, as long as you have Point A tunnel and Point B tunnel, you can travel between them, at (maybe not instantly since that would be OP) but an accelerated rate from point A - Point B. This not only gives tunnel players WAY more accessibility to actually be a viable strategy, but now Tunnel decks don't even NEED something with tunneling, you can just have a normal green deck/splash deck, then 1 or 2 support units that turn the whole deck on its head. (since, I hate to say it, burrowing ritual and the TunnelWurm don't cut it imo) This also eliminates the problem of each colour having a theme, and not overloading a colour, (since Green already has Root Networks and all) for example, the tunnel thing could just be colourless, or simply by reducing it to a key few units, it doesn't cause for an overloaded theme This strikes me as an interesting idea, a building that has an effect while it constructs, then when it finishes, could have some secondary effect, although I can't think of anything more for this example, without making it OP