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  1. NightNinja

    Closed Beta Applications

    Greetings, i'm happy to get this shot so even if i miss it i'll have no regrets. I do hope to get it but as with life nothing is a 100% chance. I also hope the ones who do get it are happy and do well Summer had started recently for my collage so i have plenty of free time but i do have things i need to do every Monday and Wednesday at around 1-3 (Monday also has something in the early morning 9AM type of thing) other then that unless something comes up i'm free I played Battle Forge for about nearly a year before it was closed i never played PvP as i was a PvE type of person and even then i honestly lacked the understanding of how useful spells can be as i had purely units and towers...needless to say, from watching others I've learned how good a well placed spell can be my Discord username is NinjaMonkey#3064 and thank you for taking your time to read this
  2. NightNinja

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    cool i really miss Battle Forge so thanks for keeping up the work on remaking it for all of us to enjoy i don't mind if i don't win the Closed Beta Test spot (any of the 5 i mean) i'm just happy you're still working hard on this despite not getting anything for it financially so thank you and i hope you have a good day

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