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    Fellow Skylords,
    I am happy to be 2nd person on the Skylords Reborn server to complete the whole campaing on Expert Difficulty - and received Among the Old Gods achievement. As a result I decided to call myself The Old God of Battleships. I am really proud of the achievement, it took me many hours and many attempts. Please forgive me and let move to the topic.
    The thread is aimed at non-experienced players who wish to complete Among the Old Gods achievement, which requires you to finish all Campaign Missions on Expert difficulty and grant 8 general Boosters as a reward. More experienced players, know many tricks and strategies that make many maps way easier and faster to complete - but those usually require particular cards, a lot of skill and many attempts. They probably will laugh at some suggestions I give here, but I write as a weak player to weak players. Many things probably could be done better, but we lack such knowledge. And such knowledge is not neccassary to finish campaign on Expert. However, I would appreciate if some more experienced players would like to help me with presenting simple, general strategies.
    Usually deck choice is very important when attempting to complete a map, specially on Expert. However, I have complited the campaign with Pure Frost deck, which is not known to be good for speedrunning and similar purposes - shadow and nature based decks usually are more successful. The point I am trying to make, you should able to finish the campaign on Expert with your general favourite PvE faction - you are usually not forced to create a new deck from a scratch and ignore existance of cards you have already gathered. There may be awful faction decks that are very weak and may not be able to finish maps, but the thing I want to say is that there is no "the only correct way" to finish maps. In-game meta in most cases does not limit you, even if some card combinations may make it impossible to finish all maps on Expert (I do not know how about pure Fire, for example).
    Important things begin here
    You will encounter many problems during playing different maps. Knowledge of enemies, their positioning, timings, map topography and so on greatly helps in finding a way to solve the map. If you can spot problems, you can think of an idea to overcome them. Usually trial and error are most reliable ways - lose 10 times, learn why you died, watch replays, improve and finally win the map. I wrote this thread to help you with this process and save a few hours of your time. However, I do not know what deck you are playing, and my aim is to allow you to have fun during campaign with any deck you want/have. The deck, of course must be atleast reliable.
    Therefore, this thread is not an actual guide - I provide you with some information that may help you to prepare for the map, a few tips that give you an idea what to do, but I do not show you an exact way to solve the map. You still will lose some attemps, probably atleast 1 for each map, but you should be a few steps forward than as if you started from nothing. There are easier and faster ways, but those are usually less general. As a base to use the thread, make sure to finish respective mission on Advanced difficulty atleast once.
    As I already mentioned, I do not consider myself as a strong PvE player, even if I play around for some time. I stayed away from speedruns and high difficulty maps and focused on having fun from replaying Bad Harvest over and over. I did not finish majority of missions ever before. This is procees I followed to complete the achievement:
    Watch Youtube Video from 2009-2011 - learn strategies and tricks of the map. Build a deck. Lose many times and improve both deck and strategy. Succeed after long struggle. I talked to @Weak1ings, a person who was 1st to complete the achievement and he shared his thoughts and deck:
    "(...) learned I was the first to complete all maps on Expert so I thought I'd share what I did: I used a deck with some variation that looked like the image below, (...) This won't set any records but gave me a solid starting base to beat every expert map. What is more is that this is a fairly cheap deck :D"
    Weak1ings' deck:
    I use a very expensive deck. But as I said earlier, I did complete the campaign with my most favourite deck - I used cards I had access to, to solve maps. If you already gathered a nice collection of cards, use the cards to create your own solution to maps. Amii Monument appear in some missions. It is a very expensive card, that makes many things easier and allow you to finish maps faster. However, it is not a necessary card.
    Also in many maps I mention names of units. Be careful, because there are units with similar names:
    Twilight Slayer - M sized unit exploding on death. Twilight Slayers - S sized archers with high DPS. Twilight Crawler - M sized large bug with ~800 HP. Twilight Crawlers - M sized squad of bugs, with 1600HP total. Currently described maps 20/26.
    Encounters with Twilight Siege of Hope Defending Hope The Soultree The Treasure Fleet Mo Ocean Oracle Behind Enemy Lines Crusade Sunbridge Nightmare Shard Nightmare's End Slave Master Convoy The Insane God Titans Empire Passage to Darkness Ascension Some maps do not fit desired quality and are likely to be reworked:
    Encounters with Twilight Defending Hope Soultree Nightmare Shard Changelog - expect progress to stop completely for next few weeks.
    27 XII 2020 - How to access replays, updates on Slave Master, introducing The Insane God and Nightmare Shard 28 XII 2020 - Introducing Nightmare's End, changes in replays. 29 XII 2020 - Splitting work into separete posts, introducing Ocean. 30 XII 2020 - Introducing Oracle, The Treasure Fleet. 31 XII 2020 - Introducing Passage to Darkness. 4 I 2021 - Introducing Titans. 6 I 2021 - More detailed information on replay's patch. 8 I 2021 - Introducing Empire. 10 I 2021 - Introducing Ascension. 12 I 2021 - Introducing Mo. 18 I 2021 - Updates on Behind Enemy Lines. Replays
    (Disclaimer: I am not responsibile for any malicious software that may be within those files and I do not ensure that using them is safe)
    Maps are in separate posts
    1 player maps are in this post. 2 player maps are in post 2 posts below. 4 player maps are in post 6 posts below. 12 player maps are in post 8 posts below. Splitting was necessary. One Player Maps 9/9
    Encounters with Twilight:
    Siege of Hope
    Defending Hope
    The Soultree
    The Treasure Fleet
    Behind Enemy Lines
    I will try to improve style and review errors at some point, and also introduce more maps.
    Consider checking this threads:
    List of many guides across the forum by @Eirias.
    Larger base of Youtube videos by @MephistoRoss.
    In here only replays for 1 player maps are available. Check other posts to find 2, 4 and 12 player maps.
    Siege of Hope Expert.pmv Behind Enemy Lines Expert.pmv Defending Hope Expert.pmv Ocean Expert.pmv Oracle Expert.pmvThe Treasure Fleet Expert.pmv Soultree Speedrun.pmv Mo Expert.pmv Behind Enemy Lines Expert Shadow.pmv
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