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  1. Laze

    A serious concern

    Considering the outrageous prices on cards in the auction house that would still take a long time.. Most common cards cost 20+ BFP where they should only cost 2 BFP like they did seven years ago. I do understand they have more value now, because the market is starved with the lack of the option to buy cards/boosters, but thats my point, this is killing the game at least for those who wan't to play PvP.
  2. Laze

    A serious concern

    1. I didn't say it was the only appeal, just the main appeal. Ive alreday completed everything there is to complete in PvE, even most maps Ive played solo and I'm sure others has as well. 2. Well unupgraded decks and even bad decks certainly doesn't help. 3. Well you need more than one deck depending on the meta. And I don't think you can get all 4 charges for 20 specific cards within a month, considering the prices in the auction. I mean for example a Shaman for 700 BFP and then you need 4 of them (and yes all charges are crucial in PvP) and a single booster with 8 random cards costs 450 BFP... I've played 2 days now and all I got is 125 BFP, so it would take a long time to get a decent deck with all charges. 4. I am aware of that, but the BFP could be considered a gift, if the donation money goes strictly to the donation pool, where it will not be profits. 5. Something needs to be done thats for sure otherwise I don't see this lasting, like it didn't last for EA and their progression system was significantly faster because you could just buy the cards you needed. I don't mind grinding for gold and upgrades, but grinding for random cards you need 4 of, thats just never gonna work :/
  3. Laze

    A serious concern

    Greetings devs and fellow Skylords. It's good to be back playing one of my all time favorite games. Maybe someone here played and remembers me from back in the day, I was a top 20 player named Withia :) First off, I'd like to express my admiration and gratitude to the devs and anyone else involved in the project for trying to revive this game... That being said, I have some serious concerns about the current progression system of BF:Reborn. The whole reason why EA scratched the game seven years ago, was because very few was willing to grind and/or pay big money to progress in a reasonable amount of time. At the end we were only few players left. Understand that PvP is the main and lasting appeal of the game, and to play that, you really need most cards and upgrades, and seeing that you are no longer able to pay money to get the cards you need/want, the whole process is gonna take a lot longer, which is really bad, especially when new players down the line joins the game and is matched against experienced players with more upgrades and cards/card charges. So if this project is to not suffer the same fate as it did seven years ago, you really need to either make all cards and upgrades available in PvP or make the progression system A LOT faster. I for example had ALL cards and charges within the first 6 months of playing, sure I spend a fair amount of money on it, but it is necessary for PvP, and that is no longer an option. Maybe you could even award BFP through donations, I realize this might violate your contract with EA, but does it really if the money goes in the donation pool? I would be more than happy to support this project with monthly donations, but I don't really see the point in doing so, if the project is doomed to fail and/or there is no one to play PvP on equal terms with. Thanks for reading. Sincerely an old BattleForge veteran who really wants this to work out :)

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