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  1. Rathalos74

    PvE Community Maps

    Hey dear Skylords-Team, I really really appreciate your work and I am glad I am able to play the game with my old friends! We started playing a week ago and the campaign and rPvE maps are fun! But also are the community maps so we thought it would be nice if there were some rewards like gold and exp (if the map is not too easy) because then more players would play them and this means that more community members would think about producing these maps, so there would be always new content for all players. Or there could be a vote for the community map of the week/month and only this map would give a reward. I like to create maps in games (like portal 2, age of empires 2, ...) and would create a map were you could defend endless waves of enemies which are getting stronger each wave and the longer you survive the larger the reward if this were possible. These are the thoughts we had and would like to know your opinion kind regards Rathalos74 (Kevin)

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