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  1. Rancord

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    I just saw one in action , cant give you whole deck, but at least write what he used: T1 shadow: Fallen+Motivate, I guess you want Embalmer and Soul splicer green for higher diff T2 shadow: Resource Booster+ FoF, I guess for higher diff you want to use Shadow Phoenix T3 nature: Cultist masters+Breeding Ground T4 fire: Infected tower (fire afiinity) Spawn a bunch of cultist master on a breeding ground, have fof/2 infected tower spawn nightcrawlers, activate the aura, kill the nightcrawler get a bunch of them to attack and use motivate. Guess Earthshaker and Thunderstorm are spells open to use. Then you have at least 12/20 cards. I am unsure what you do on t4 vs flyers or those aoe stuff, but maybe you can fill it up yourself (ami monument/frenetic assault are also not bad picks)

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