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  1. i downloaded and installed the dx-data. but it doenst start at all. i downloaded the redist.data also but i can't installed it, because my win10 says i already have a newer or better version installed. I checked in my apps and features which i got installed and i got all redist things installed the latest is 2017 and the one before the 2017 is 2013.... so i thought i'm missing the 2015 data, but this is included in the 2017 redist. Maaaaan i just want to play this Game so badly..
  2. Rename to? I deleted it, and started the SkylordsRebornUpdater.. bit still the Same the Updater starts, but after i clicked on play, it doesn't work... just the systemsound..
  3. Launcher Log: [18:09:43.909618] [info]: [] Logging initialized build: 27/02/2020 7:36:10,73 [18:09:43.911617] [info]: [Main] Fallback to default starting method [18:09:43.918615] [info]: [Main] Initializing Launcher [18:09:43.938609] [info]: [Main] Game started [18:09:43.939608] [info]: [Main] Game ready [18:09:43.943608] [info]: [...DiscordRpc::ChangeCharacterLocationState] Location: 8 map: 0 [18:09:43.948796] [info]: [...Proxy::Listener] accepting... Log: [INFO][Direct3D 9]: Start Scan [INFO][Direct3D 9]: Found Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 96
  4. Sorry fot that stupid question but where do i find the logs? to copy and paste them in here?
  5. Hi Guys and sorry that i need to open a new topic but i tried everything in the "Tech-Supp" Threat but nothing works. I installed the game. with the updater together in one and the same Folder.. I start the Updater... the Updater starts. Then i click on "Play" and then nothing happens just one systemsound from Windows.. and i completly don't know why... PLEASE help me :-(
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