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    Hello, my name is Yannick (Yan if you prefer) I'm 22yo and have a lot of time I spend on video games, mostly rts games like Starcraft 2 or age of empire 2 (yeah still on it!!!). I'm looking forward to being a tester on the new game since I played Battleforge from the beginning to the end and really enjoyed it. I am currently looking for a new game to play since I become bored of most games I've played until now so if you chose me I will certainly spend a lot of time on the game. I think you should take me since I can differentiate playing a game from testing it. I will have a lot of fun testing the game too but most of the testing should be focussed on searching for problems. Furthermore I can help testing the translations since I speak French, Dutch, English and a little Spanish. I can dedicate a lot of free time to it since I'm on a computer nearly everyday from 18' to midnight approximately, sometimes more and holidays are coming so I will have even more free time. My experience of BattleForge was mostly PVE, at the time I was playing I had a really bad internet connection but now my internet connection is really good I will be able to play PVP also. I was tester on League of Legend (not playing lol anymore, tired of community) and am playing experimental beta on factorio when new version becomes available to testing. My discord name is: Enentala (yan6432, Cookie)#7960 (take all the name with the parenthesis since it's a way for my friends to recognise old nicknames. I hope I'll be chosen for the beta but regardless of if I am or not I'll be on the game when It'll be available to me.

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