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  1. @Kubik Ok I've got the driver again and it works properly now. I guess the GFroce Experience did something with the driver to make the game not run properly. Thanks for the help, you guys are great!
  2. @Kubik I've set BF to use my independent GPU, but probably its something with drivers on Nvidia side as I can't even log in to the GeForce Experience rn. And yes it is GTX 1050.
  3. @Kubik I guess you mean those: And I'll look into the driver and update you later
  4. @Kubik No, no settings changed apart from fullscreen and audio volume, but i doubt those would contribute to anything. I've tried deleting the whole folder and it did not help.
  5. So, my game crashed randomly and after that whenever i try to boot it up again i get this error message: And before you ask, yes i do meet the requirements and have been playing the game before normally.
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