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  1. Fair enough. But if you never get the source code of the game, how are you gonna proggress the game? make a new one? or even figure this one out? I suppose that's what you are trying to do by asking for someone that can do the in-game models. Do i really have to list out every single card that i believe is worse than some other cards? I was clearly wrong about the mutating frenzy being a bad card in every single situation. Now i want to see you try again to make comandos useful.
  2. i was clearly not aware of that since i made such a suggestion. in fact, i have absolutely no clue as to how you are working on the project. if you imagine 10-15 people hanging out and discussing about a subject, and then suddenly some moron shows up who has no idea what he's talking about, just thinking that he knows everything, i'm that moron in this case, hence the ,i suppose, moderately missplaced examples. I still stand by my point that thugs and wreckers are weak, at least for RPVE. Maybe Thugs are strong, maybe wrecker is too, but my point was not "this 1 card that i like so much is wea
  3. Greetings. I have have played for a while Skylords Reborn, and the developers of all people know best that the game needs some improvements, and mostly at the proggression system. For those who are not interested in reading the entire post, i have a TL;DR at the bottom of the post , right above the disclaimer section, though reading it all, might give you some insight as to why i have the thought that i'm having. Here are my thoughts: Right now: I dont really have to play to get the deck that i like, there are way too few cards in the game that are good, the power gap betwe
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