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  1. Saromun teh wite

    Infos on Open Stress Test status

    Haha, I've waited a decade for this game to come back. How am I supposed to play it casually? Thanks a lot for the list! Judging from this it seems that it's gonna take atleast a few months, to get this whole thing into a proper release build, huh? Assuming that, I might just play and try to help by reporting some bugs myself, if there really are this plenty of them. Guess by the time the release hits I'm gonna be at a point where the grind is mostly done already so I hopefully won't be that mad Also, it's GREAT to hear that you guys are actually planning on releasing new cards. The forum post I read only stated that it was maybe going to happen, but that's it. Glad you guys are actually planning to do so, so thanks a lot yet again :) Have a nice day everybody!
  2. Saromun teh wite

    Infos on Open Stress Test status

    Hello everybody! Since the Open Stress Test seems to be running for more than a year now I was curious about it's current status or possible predictions on the game's release date. Searching the forum and discord I sadly could not find any info on that matter. Is anyone here able to inform me about the latest stuff? Really looking forward to playing, but considering how long I played Battleforge back then I would probably get depressed from hours of grinding just to finally have my progress reset due to the game's release. At this point I would also like to thank the devs and everyone here for trying so hard to bring the old experience back. I kinda love all of you people for this. Thanks a lot!

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