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  1. I never played beta that I'm aware of. Less than a year ago. Less than a year ago. I did play beta looks like. I was mistaken there.
  2. I started playing again about a month ago and I was talking to a friend of mine that plays with me and we noticed that we are missing cards. I looked over several forum posts about missing cards, but we have not done any test sessions and we didn't loose any levels/xp. I don't have any complete list of cards I had before a month ago only ones I'm certain I had. Here is a few of them: Nox Trooper, Glyph of Frost, Iron Clad, (fully charged) Revenge, Amii Monument, Comet Catcher, Deepfang, Darkelf Assassin, Night guard (green affinity), Soul Shatter, Forest Elder (purple affinity), Bloodhorn (purple), Phase Tower(fully charged), Viridya(not promo, Moon, Overlord, Thunderwagon(red affinity), Fire Dragon, Cluster Explosion(purple affinity),and there is several others I'm missing that I don't know. I'm 100% sure there's a bunch more because I didn't have any decks showing up when I started playing a month ago again. I had a complete Twilight deck (I didn't have any Twilight cards when I started playing again). A Lost Souls deck (again no cards). A solid fire deck missing and cards from that deck. There was other cards a decks I had created and missing but I just don't remember what ones. Anyone else loose, what seems like 3/4 of their cards when they started playing again? Any resolution for this to get them back?
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