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  1. Frayze

    12 player map struggle

    Hey guys, My name is Frayze and i was never a forum-guy... So i hope you aren't bothered, that i don't know how to set this up in a proper forum-way. However i'm pretty excited about this project and just wanted to talk/ask about some things, that were a big problem in the original game. The 12 player maps. They were great designed and made a whole lot of fun to play them, IF (and that was the problem) you've found enough players to start them. I remember waiting for 2 hours with 6 friends for other players to join, only to play the map on normal mode and never even started a game on advanced or higher. So i was wondering if there are any suggestions on solving this problem, because there will be even less players and it'll become even more unlikely to actual play one of these pretty great maps. My suggestion was to set up a "12-player-map-day" or sth. like that with the community. Please share your ideas with me

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