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  1. Kapo liked a post in a topic by LordNEXUS in swamp drake dealing no damage   
    I just had the swamp drake issue but with L sized enemies:
    In the map Soultree, when escorting Viridya up the hill, I ran into two stonekin warriors that became immune to damage. I was using swamp drakes as well.
    I've attached my log & replay, the issue is very obvious at the end of the replay. 
    I remember coming across units that I couldn't hurt with swamp drakes before in other maps, but after they moved a little they could be damaged again. This instance stood out to me because it caused me to lose. I don't think it has anything to do with cc but where the enemy is located on the landscape, maybe the swamp drake attack splash somehow fail to connect with the enemy hitbox.
    _log_proxy_latest.log Immortal_enemies.pmv
  2. LordNEXUS liked a post in a topic by Kapo in Official Halloween Event: Spooky Encounters - UNTIL 2nd of November   
    Welcome to the Official Halloween Event!

    The Lost Souls have altered the timeline again - instead of encountering Twilight, Rogan Kayle finds himself facing very different horrors. Enjoy a spooky experience, celebrate Halloween and the release of the new card “Evil Eye” with us!    
    Everything you need to know:
    Map                 - Spooky Encounters (Community Map) Difficulty          - Expert Date                 - 28.10.2022 - 02.11.2022 Restrictions      - None Goals                - Win the map on Expert difficulty Prizes               - Either 1 Evil Eye (upcoming new card) or 1 Twilight Booster Replays            - Send through DM on Discord (Kapo#0116) or PM on the forum (@Kapo).
      Send in your replay, renamed to Halloween and your ingame name – for example: “Halloween_MyName.pmv” until the 2nd of November 2022, 23:59 CET. 

    At the end of the event, we may make a compilation of interesting and/or funny replays/screenshots – by participating, you automatically agree to be included in that.

    How To Play
    Go to the Community Map section and select the Event map named Spooky Encounters / Gruselige Begegnungen / Rencontre avec les Perdus / Жуткие Стычки. Complete the map on expert and send me your replay.

    How to access the map:
    How to get your replay:

    Prize pool
    For this event, everybody will get a prize – you have a 50:50 chance to either get your hands on the upcoming new card Twilight Evil Eye or a Twilight Booster. There is no restriction on how many prizes we dish out, half of the players will get an Evil Eye, the others will receive the Booster, determined by a roll of the die. Please note that you can only enter once with one winning replay. Prizes will be sent out manually after the event ends. 

    We are looking forward to your replays! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Last but not least, a big shoutout to those who helped with this Event: @LEBOVIN, @Dallarian, @Majora, @R4bitF00t, @Metagross31, @CrazyCockerell, @SpiritAlpha and our map testers!

    Best regards,
    Skylords Reborn Team
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