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  1. Untouch

    Upgrade advice

    Oh wow I completly overlooked that you can claim updates for gold sry hahaa. Thanks ! Another question, is it really not planned to throw in some new cards or campaign stuff or something else? I don't get why EA shut down this game. I love Bf, would be cool to see something new in the Future.
  2. Untouch

    Upgrade advice

    Hey guys, fun to play some BF again :p ! I'd like to know if there is any specific way to get upgrades you actually need or is it rly just the loot list and try the missions over and over again to get those upgrades? I've seen people with hell a lot of upgrades, but they played so weird that I couldn't imagine they were playing this game for long haha. And just a quick general question, do you sell booster rather or open them yourself? What do you think is better bfp whise to grow fast a new player? greetz ^-^

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