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    Programming, Gaming, Music, Anime, Prototyping stuff, Mountainbiking, Hiking and some more things.. xD

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  1. AnukWolf

    What deck did you play?

    IIRC I mainly played a Fire Nature deck with loots of dragons xD Remembering cards like Fire Dragon, Fire Worm, Skycatcher etc. and Fire Sphere of course bc its too good.
  2. AnukWolf

    What software do you use for music?

    I found foobar2k some time ago and it has been my default player since then. It takes some time configuring it to your needs but then it's imho the best piece of music software you can get. There are tons of great addons, endless configuration options and it's always only as bulky as you want it to be. Below is my current setup with a custom Playlist addon on the left (SimPlaylist) and the Lyric Show Panel 3 on the top right. (Bottom right tabs are stock IIRC) I also added auto scrobbling, auto biography downloading, WASAPI and ASIO output and a Youtube addon, so you can just feed it with Youtube URLs and playlists, which is awesome because you can actually skip songs via hotkey when listening to Youtube music xD

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