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  1. bengals628

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    roll me in my dudes
  2. bengals628

    About a game

    sweet ,thx for the info guys and i think its amazing that you guys are resurrecting a "dead king" back to the RTS genre again
  3. bengals628

    About a game

    is there going to be a longer campaign this time or it it just going to have the same levels with different difficulty's to them?
  4. i was a trader mainly for the better bargain rate for certain cards than how much they were in the AH
  5. bengals628

    What did you guys love and hate about battle forge

    i loved everything about the game except the payment system they used
  6. bengals628

    what kind of cards did you preffer

    i liked a nature/frost deck it gave my favorite type of cards the stonekin and it had in my opinion one of the better defense capabilities i also had a shadow/frost deck which i had mainly for how the lost souls expansion that they did

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