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  1. Ok So I'm getting the Socket error 10054... my roommate beside me playing never has this issue. is there anything I can do to help on my end?
  2. [13:57:53] main(): Initializing Launcher [13:57:53] main(): Game started [13:57:53] main(): Game ready [13:57:53] Proxy::Run(): Listening for local connection [13:57:59] SecureServerSocket::AcceptConnection(): Connection from 16777343:4294967294 [13:57:59] Proxy::Run(): Received local connection [13:58:00] Proxy::HandlePacket(): Connecting to server: Borderline [13:58:00] Borderline: Started listening [13:58:00] Borderline: KeepAlive Request [13:58:00] Borderline: Packet forwarded to the server [13:58:00] Borderline: Server assign sessin ID 712922268 [13:58:01]
  3. Hello I have gone through all of the steps for troubleshooting for the common fixes. I'm still having an issue with frequent crashing with no error message at all. Sometimes up to 6 crashes in a row without being able to play a match. There is nothing specific in game that is causing it the screen just freezes for a few seconds and closes and takes me back to desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Alright I'll try out the dark elf's but I dont have virydia. I do use phantom now just must need to use her more. Im also not a huge fan of ashbone. I just dont like the constant decreasing hp. Would there be any decent T3 nature 1 or 2 orbs I could use. I'm trying to go nature shadow shadow nature for monuments. Thanks for the input
  5. Hello fellow skylords, I'm currently making a nature/shadow deck. T4 is focused on using offering and rifle cultist to spam giant wyrms. I seem to be lacking in the 2 and 3 orb cards. Any ideas? I start nature for wind weaver and heals early. What would be some good T2 and T3 cards to add. Pve deck.
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