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  1. NeverKnowWhyThis

    Ability Description - Rioter's Retreat - Gifted Retreat

    Turns out this is a feature, rather then a bug. I can't seem to find how to remove this thread, however.
  2. NeverKnowWhyThis

    Audio/ Visual Bugs - Warlock

    SEVERITY: 3REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: When this unit is summoned, it lacks any effect or noise as it enters the field. Additionally, its footstep's audio seems too high, sounding even louder then the steps of a colossus.
  3. SEVERITY: 3REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: This ability claims it regenerates the health of nearby bandit units, but seems to affect all nearby units instead, regardless of card affinity. https://i.imgur.com/F8y6hHe.mp4 - Regeneration being applied to a group of Nature spearmen. Additional Info: I ran into this description mismatch while playing Crusade, when I noticed groups of Looters getting topped off as my troops were loitering around the towers.

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