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  1. Nerfzul

    card recycle

    Hi everyone, anyone else having cards they don't use and can't sell? I was thinking that having a system to recycle cards we have too many copies of would be nice, like a disenchant mechanic like we see in other games. it could be "destroy a card" for BFP or gold or upgrades... depending on the rarity it would give more or less. I have so many duplicate cards just sitting there impossible to sell or get rid of. i feel it's kind of a waste getting more boosters after a certain point because of he common cards being so common. a system like this could help. it's probably difficult to implement but i'm just voicing my hopes for this great game. Thx
  2. Nerfzul

    Boosters disappearing?

    that's exactly what i thought but when i went to look for new cards i couldn't find any exept the ones i saw on the booster i opened, unless i had exact duplicates of other cards, that is surtainly a possibility, anyway thanks for the reply i'll try to figure it out or recreate it.
  3. Nerfzul

    Boosters disappearing?

    hey everyone, i just had a bug today, i played a few games and finished a quest granting me a booster and had an achievement giving me another booster. when i opened the first pack i looked at the cards and when i went to open the second pack there was none. the only new cards i could find were the ones i saw in the pack i opened. is there a known bug about boosters disappearing? anyway i'm not mad (it's open beta) and i'm happy to be able to play the game (amazing work guys) just thought it would be worth looking into, i'll try to reproduce the bug. cheers, PS: damn i saw the report a bug forum afterwards but i can't figure out how to transfer it there... sorry

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