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  1. I have tried those steps and still getting that error message that I posted above. I went into the log files through the documents/battleforge path and seen the error message below for each attempt to play. That is my latest attempt. I am not sure what the problem could be. I have an intel video card and tried step 6. 23:02:37.748 WARN 10176 proxy:78 proxy from 2021-01-19T00:46:39.609618300Z is initializing 23:02:37.754 INFO 10176 proxy::networking::connect:181 connect disconnect hooks initialized 23:02:37.754 INFO 10176 proxy::networking:69 networking hooks initial
  2. I am trying to run the game however I keep getting this error message "TNF: ErrorInitializingDirectXFallback" when I run the updater file. The steps I took to download and execute goes as follows below: 1. Downloaded both installer and zip file from mediafire. 2. Dragged both of the files into my C: drive then into game folder then into battleforge folder as shown below. 3. After that I ran the Installer file and got the skylords reborn folder which is what you see above 4. Then I went inside the skylords reborn folder and ran the updater file as shown below.
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