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  1. _log_proxy_26.logcrashdata.mdmp_log_proxy_25.log_log_proxy_24.log_log_proxy_23.log_log_proxy_22.log_log_proxy_21.log_log_proxy_20.log_log_proxy_19.log_log_proxy_18.log_log_proxy_17.log_log_proxy_16.log_log_proxy_15.log_log_proxy_11.log_log_proxy_7.logcrashdata.mdmp_log_proxy_6.log_log_proxy_5.log_log_proxy_3.log_log_proxy_latest.log_log_proxy_29.log_log_proxy_28.log forgot to put mine in, and me personally I don't use Dropbox.
  2. No problem I understand. And currently no i do not sync my files with OneDrive, I attached the _log_proxy_latest.log file before I restarted and i am still getting the same error/crash.
  3. The game works perfectly fine in other maps but when i try to play any RPVE maps solo or with other players i keep getting this error and the game closes out. Been trying to find solutions but none has seem to work, even reinstalled everything and still it happens. 20201225_201114-converted-compressed.pdf
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