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  1. Werterror

    Discord community

    Hello everyone, I have been on skylords discord for a while now, always answeared people, give best feedback possible without spaming or abusing rules but today 01.10 I get banned, without warnning or any pm from skylords stuff, from discord for speaking about this video, not even posting it. This video was posted in general talk by someone else and shortly after that removed by one of discord moderators. And heres my question, how is that video offending someone, harassing or defamatory, threatening or falling in anyother rules? Same stands for my comments they werent "Threatening or offensive" but any way I get banned. Everyone can easly say that noone geting harmed or struggling on this video so it shouldnt be removed in first place. I want to know your opinion on this, Thank you.
  2. Werterror

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    17 pages, 25 ppl/page thats 425 people atm 3 beta passes atm gives that 3/425 chance its 0,007% for winning GL everyone

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