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  1. ...That would make a lot of sense. Well time for me to edit this and hope nobody reads it
  2. NAME: Mine spell used without fire orb SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Occurred in two different rPvE difficulty 9 (4player) games, the same individual performed the glitch twice. REPRODUCIBILITY: None DESCRIPTION: I witnessed a certain player, in two different rPvE games (difficulty 9) use the "Mines" card at the very start, to clear the first camp after spawning. The user in question spawned in with "Forsaken", creating a shadow orb, and kept the shadow orb for the entire duration of this event, including the walk up to the first camp, and the summoning of the Mines. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Apologies, don't have any. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I know the user's name if you're interested in asking them. Please may I be contacted to discuss this in further detail? Thank you for your time.
  3. Jubby

    Pure Shadow vs Firedancer

    Thanks, it was actually just last night that I thought of using 2 nox trooper's overcharge ability to deal with firedancers. If they're running away, you can use nether warp to either bring them towards you or to go to them depending on the affinity >:D
  4. Jubby

    Pure Shadow vs Firedancer

    So how would Pure Shadow go about countering firedancers? In the past I've tried going after them with nightcrawlers but they quickly run back to their base when they see me coming.

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