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  1. rjk

    Cannot get game to work

    Legend thank you very much
  2. rjk

    Cannot get game to work

    Yep. Still same issue
  3. rjk

    Cannot get game to work

    I dont have 4k so I dont think its to do with that. Currently re downloading the whole thing see if that changed things
  4. rjk

    Cannot get game to work

    Downloaded the game yesterday and got it up up and running. Then i changed it to full screen, RS the game and ever since the game will not open. Whenever you click on it it changed to a grey screen then music plays for like 2 seconds then it minimises itself again. Ive tried deleting all the files and re extracting 3 times. Tried alt+enter too many times. as well as RS pc a load of times Wondering if i am missing something. I tried search on the forums but could not see anything but i could be searching for the wrong thing. Thanks in advanced

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