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  1. 4 hours ago, Urmeli said:

    Hello together,

    as the cretor of this thread I have acutally realized that I totally underrated the efford some players put into the game to achieve these speed run results and the competition some of you have within the speed run "functionality". Therefor I totally agree now, that my proposed idea will destroy the game experience of speedruns.

    Therefore I will try to turn the discussion back in the direction my idea was based on.
    I, as a player without a "group", am dependent on other players who are willing to play 2 or 4 Player maps. And if I open the game and look for expert game lobbies to play in, I only find RPVE, Guns of Lyr and Dwarven Riddle.

    In my opinion the reason for this is that RPVE can be won without any knowledge and for Dwarven Riddle and Guns of Lyr some 100% working strategies are existing, so that the winrate of these expert maps are nearly 100% if you have at least 1 Player in the team who knows what to do.

    Even if it was formulated differently my main purpose of this proposal was to make working strategies (not best speedrun strategies) for expert maps easier accessable so that more players dare to play these maps. Especially if they are not premade and rely on communicting by chat. For my feeling, Kubiks view on this is "look at youtube, you find all necessary information there" but I think the number of open expert lobbies show, that this is not enough to resolve the problem I described. (Side comment: Another disadvantage of youtube is, that you only see the view of the video recorder. But sometimes you are intersted in whats happening on other positions of the map, for example another players position.)


    Therefore I like to propose a slightly adjusted request:
    Is it possible to show a working expert replay (maybe replays which have been voluntarily shared by players or maybe random replays  which are significantly slower than the speedrun results) in the lobby creating screen? (see Screenshot)
    The only requirement these replays should fulfill is, that they have been recorded with the proposed numer of players for the map and all players have survived until the end.

    With this kind of feature I think that even players who dont have an own group to develop strategies can organize each other. "Hey lets play it the way as it is shown in the actual replay" and they have a chance to do so and they dont need to worry that they ruin the experience of others due to their lack of strategy knowledge.

    I surely would favor that these "examplary replays" change once a month or a week, so that players can follow different strategies.

    I am highly interested about your opinions on this Idea

    Best Regards



    Awesome idea, I have not completed many expert maps cause mostly i dont know what to do or my team mates dont know. This would solve that indeed.

  2. 7 hours ago, Navarr said:

    I can see your point when we talk about publicly showing the replays, because you've put a lot of time and effort into it. But why not show the deck to at least give a hint in the right direction?

    ps: What I find really strange is that the secretism about PvE strategies is so overly exaggerated while in PvP where the direct competition is much more relevant, people are much more willing to tell their secrets and dirty tricks. Maybe that's because it's harder to hide tactics from the public there, but I rather think people see the benefits of a healthy competition. Nobody wants to be rank 1 on a ladder of noobs not quite as knowledgeable players.

    ln most cases they do, which is understandable but slows overal progress for everyone. 

    I would suggest the following: it is up to the best speedrunners to reveal their strategies but if they do they get some extra bonus like BFP or a special title or something so those who really want to stay #1 and receive nothing for it except their name on the ranked lists can stay there but others can share their knowledge and be rewarded? Something like this would be interesting to see how much people value their strategies.

  3. 1 hour ago, Hirooo said:

    Its matching you by your base elo. Thats starting off at 100k. You are just inactive when you begin playing so you are shown a lower score.

    ah alright

    just my bad luck then i always go vs grey shields ;(

  4. Hello

    How does the ELO system work exactly?

    As a beginning ranked pvper I only go against people with 100k +elo while i Barely have 30k?

    Thought the whole point of elo was that you go against people of the same level...

    I don't really get the logic behind it, could someone explain?


  5. I use fire worm in my fire rpve deck and find it very strong, the stats are great but the ability is just mostly useless, i'd rather it have a more useful ability.

    spawning undazed with percussive birth would be a good passive ability indeed.

  6. On 1/15/2019 at 9:08 AM, Flrbb said:

    ...Not everyone does play fire...

    And also,.you could argue that those on the outer positions are a bit slower. The question I'd ask is: why not? ;)

    What I mean is people would see this as a race like he said, fastest starter to t2 is mostly fire...

    Just dont really see a point in this tbh


  7. 21 hours ago, RadicalX said:

    Here is just a short overview of counter methods against CoN


    1) Curse Well

    As Church of Negation takes out 150 power out of the void flow, this means hitting power wells with Curse Well makes it even more effective. The bound power makes counter attacks less frightening

    2) Earthshaker

    This is more of a 2v2 thing and got mentioned here already, but Earthshaker is a very good counter for Churches for a similar reasoning. The Church Player is slowed down due to his defence so he can't punish T4 properly

    3) Supression/Sunstriders

    Guess that got discussed already, so I won't comment on that any further. 

    4) Abuse the slot instensity

    Church of Negations requires alot of slots to work (2Nether Warps + Kobold Trick + Church + 3 T3 cards minimum). This means regardless of a Shadow Frost or Pure Shadow T2, the decks well lack some important early cards (Just to name some potential ones: Nightguard, Phasetower, Stormsinger, Knight of Chaos, Frostbite). I've seen Abaaama with a 12 card T3 while trying to get through T2 with Shadowmage and Netherwarp + Aura of Corruption.  

    5) Win by Score

    If everything fails, you still can try to setup a solid defense, especially when playing a frost splash, to stall up until 30 minutes. You will most likeley posses a higher score as the churches imply alot of bound power, that can't go through the void circle, which affects the score in a negative way on the long run.  


    Alright thanks for your insight and yeah was thinking of going for a time win but didn't feel like waiting 20 more minutes xD

    Will try earthshaker and curse well in the future, since only two players use church anyway.

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