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  1. I never receive any mail, I am sure, in my experince when I buy a card inmediately recibe a mail with the card, in that case I dont got any mail notification in my mailbox only my bfp gone, then I searched information in the fórum and in the beginner chat channel of the game in order to know if maybe anyone else had the same problem, I found a recomendation of deleting an old mail, maybe my mailbox was full, then doing that I would recieve the mail with the card, I deleted 2 old mail, I had the precaution of opening the old mails before deleting them but didnt see any card in the mails.
  2. NAME: No card received after buying it on the auction house SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: auction house REPRODUCIBILITY: DESCRIPTION: I bought 1 cards in the auction house, but I dont got the card. I lost a considerable amount of bfp. Restaring the game didn't help, I delete old mails and still got no mail. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I dont bought it directly, I bid it by buyout Price(the watch list is still empty), I had done this way before with other cards I hadnt any problem
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