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  1. Hey , i connected through VPN and it fix the bug thanks for help every1
  2. hey, i attached what i think u want what do u think about? _log_proxy_3.log_log_proxy_2.log_log_proxy_1.log_log_proxy_0.log_log_proxy_latest.log_log_proxy_7.log_log_proxy_6.log_log_proxy_5.log_log_proxy_4.log
  3. Hey, thanks for respond, I don't see any file that named "diag" , anyway it must be in documents? i attached how it is see in my computer I attached also the error
  4. hey i start to play yestersay. i was play the game before about 10 years ago, and every 5-10 minutes the games crashes because "client server lost connection" but i have internet and i can open other websites, so i don't sure why it collapse when it happend it close the game and throw me to desktop
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