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  1. New theme/intro song for Battleforge

    I'm just gonna the devs decide, and I know they won't change the song and I too like the song as well
  2. New theme/intro song for Battleforge

    Just listen to it! it sounds so amazing!
  3. New theme/intro song for Battleforge

    I reckon this would be perfect for battle forge but this is my opinion, please don't start an argument saying its shit just say no, it's not. (Btw this is from Dragon Age) http://youtu.be/oWFEVbfCcOY
  4. If this has already been suggested, my bad for wasting your time. Keep battle forge the same but just make little changes if that makes sense, Make it that you get certain amount of BF points by how many players your going to play with and difficulty, If you guys ever heard of World of Warcraft Private Servers, try and make it like them, they added custom new items and you guys can add custom cards of your own, or just change the card name to something you like. Don't make a massive change, Everyone already loves the game the way it used to be when EA made it.