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  1. yea after I redownloaded i extracted it and re extracted both had the same value (in term of Bites )
  2. So I downloaded a game with a updater, read on forum that I need to run firstly updater but this happens (attachment ) after that I redownloaded all client + updater, still the same situation I have directX as well C++ from 2015 I tried : -opening in other systems (Windows XP etc.) -giving administrative permission - turned off my antivirus while downloading and running updater - opening it by UAC I don't know what to do seen a post with the same problem but only help was to do everything to do from the post (first one from the top at technical sup) but still doesn't help. My computer run some games like payday 2 cs:go dead by daylight in 60 fps so I don't know what to do help would be appreciated
  3. I have the same problem (same system) installed updater from two links that you gave in your post still not working (have directx and other thinks), restarted computer still nothing
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