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  1. F4srt

    Skill or deck ?

    [quote='LagOps' pid='5583' dateline='1436944395'] Skills were by far the most important part of the game. If you were just a bit better you could consistently beat your oponents. The matchup sure had some influence, but with enough skill and matchup experience it was possible to beat even the very best players in unfavorable matchups. If you were clearly more skilled than your oponent, you could even beat them with tutorial deck/troll decks every single time. As far as skills go, micromanagement was the most important skill due to the low amount of units on the field and the impact of aoe spells in adition to the usual kiting. Descicion making was mostly important in high rank pvp, it requires insight in your deck/playstyle/your oponents deck/the matchup and even personal preferences of your oponent ("the mindgames" if you want). However, even in lower rank pvp you should try to get an insight into what the strengths and weaknesses of your deck are, how you want to play the deck and what your "win conditions" are. [/quote] I can go along with this opinion. Unfortunately the game hasn't always been a 100% balanced, thinking about how many "Deep-one-lamers" I used to lose against. As you said - it was possible to beat your opponent with the tutorial-deck easily, when you're better than him. This is true but only up to a certain level, considering that bf has clearly been a pay2win game. This is why I'm really looking forward to the bf-reborn edition as there will be no payment structure other than donations.
  2. F4srt

    Biggest accomplishment in BF

    My biggest accomplishment was to be top 10 in the 1on1 pvp-ladder only having played a banditdeck. But that doesn't seem to be too awesome seeing that a lot of you guys have accomplished some cool things too. I'm very curious, how the skill level among the bf-reborn players will be.

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